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  1. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Thanks for the reply guys, So I assume I follow the guidelines for the "Final Hearing"?? Here we go to court. LOL Cheers Pieter
  3. Anyone else out there care to offer any assistance or let me benefit from your previous experience??? Thanks guys and gals for all your help!!! Pieter.
  4. Hiya Gary, I finally got a letter from the Guildford County Court today. I was surprised to hear that a lot of claims that had originally been filed (inlcuding mine) in the Reigate County Court have been transferred to the Guildford. Apparently they are so snowed under they are asking for assistance from the surrounding courts. LOL. Anyways here is the text of the letter. Please advise as to what you reckon is the best course of action to follow next. DISTRICT JUDGE RAESIDE has considered the statements of case and allocation questionnaires filed and allocated the claim to the s
  5. Hi Gary, Having sent the letters with the appropriate dates what now? Should I be doing something else? I havent heard anything from the Court, Lloyds or SCM. Just wondering if theres anything I could be doing. The first expiry date is tomorrow (08th Feb). Cheers mate Pieter.
  6. Hi Gary, sorry about the letter. I was under the impression that I had to send the letter BEFORE the 3rd January. Anyways I have printed off the letter and sent it to the courts. Will let you know what happens. Thanks for your help. It is not taken for granted and very much appreciated, Cheers Pieter.
  7. PS I didnt send those letters as when I read your advice the date ha already passed. Oops???
  8. Hi there Gary, I am really concerned as I have received the following letter from the court. "Before DISTRICT JUDGE BECK sitting at Reigate County Court, The Law Courts, Hatchlands Road, Redhill, Surrey, RH1 6BL. Of the court's own initiative. IT IS ORDERED THAT 1. The stay of proceedings imposed by order of 24th November 2006 having expired UNLESS by 4:00pm on 30th January 2007 the claimant takes one of the steps as set out in the order, the claim shall stand struck out. 2. Any party affected by this order may apply to have it set aside, varied or stayed within 7
  9. Well the 3rd Jan has passed and no contact from Lloyds TSB. Called the court and they havent heard from them either. So whats next??? Thanks all!!!
  10. I like it Gary. Thanks mate ... much appreciated. By the way. I have just been sent a letter from Lloyds TSB saying they will be deducting £35 from my account for a failed DD. My question is can I now at this stage add this on or would I need to start all the way at the beginning again for this amount and keep the 2 claims seperate? Many thanks again!!! I WILL BE DONATING TO THIS FORUM WHEN I GET MY MONEY BACK!!! LOL.
  11. Thanks for that letter Midge. Much appreciated!!! I will post it to SCM soonest!!!
  12. I have just received a letter from Reigate Court. It is a Standard Order for Stay for Settlement with Consent of all Parties. The text says : All parties having agreed DISTRICT LEVEY orders that this claim is stayed until 03 January 2007 to enable parties to negotiate. On or before 03 January 2007, one of the following steps must be taken : either the claimant must notify the court that the whole of the claim has been settled. or the claimant or defendant must write to the court requesting an extension of the stay period, explaining the steps taken towards settlem
  13. Thanks mate, I contacted the court and they have updated my details and sent me another AQ. They have also extended the date by which I have to return it as I didnt get the first one. So now I'm going to tackle the AQ. Wahey!!! Good luck to me!!!
  14. Right people .... Im confused and panicked. Lloyds have submitted a defence and I have been sent their Allocation Questionaire ..... they are asking for mine. But I havent received one!?!?! Could I have ****ed up as I have moved ...... do I need to inform someone of my new address? I have all my mail redirected. Will that come through? I know some mail isnt redirected. Someone please help me out!!!!
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