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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. am enjoying reading ive hit a bit of a stalemate waiting for the court to get in touch they were looking at my claim in box on 07 02 07 will be phoning them on monday to seewhat is happening.
  3. Sorry Ive been away for a while only news is I have to wait until wed 07/02/07 as judge is reading in bulk aparently Barkleys are the most claims in my area.
  4. Right the letter is in the bank templates libuary on the first page of the forum under Allocation Questionare by jonni2bad. If its any help I have had afull settlement offer from the bank but they had put conditions on it which seems the norm and I have rejected it because of this. Anyway keep up the fight you are in the right and I can tell you are not alone in feeling like loosing your bottle but I can tell you once you have a look around the sight all theese feelings should go all the best in your claim. When I hear from the court I post it on my thread.
  5. Hi dont know if one has been heard in the small claims court yet, but my claim is for just under £9500.00 and for some reason SC&M submitted form N149 to the court against me. This is for small claims only but the court had sent me N150 I requested small claims track and submitted a letter drafted by one of the mods with it just waiting for the courts reply I'll be back in a minute with where the template is.
  6. Just drafted a copy of KAZZAW judgement (post 15) check it out if you havn't and will be sending a copy to County Court and SC&M first thing in the morning. I feel at this point I must appologise to all users of the internet for thinking they were all Geeks I can not beleive how much information can be had of one site. Keep up the great work and there will be a donation coming your way sooner rather than later I hope. I'll have to have a few lessons from my daughters between "homework sesions" and thanks to you I've a few more claims to make when this is over. Hope you dont mind but I thin
  7. Dont realy Know but was interesting that SC&M used form N149 which is for small claims only the court had sent me N150 so dont know why they got a small claim form maybe they have something they don't want to disclose !!!!!!!!
  8. Took my AQ to court yesterday along with the fee and posted copy to SC&M along with a letter saying "that I do not accept their conditions but thanks for the offer, see you in court." While filling out my AQ (N150) I noticed that SC&M had used AQ (N149) used for a small claim only so I assume if its ok for the experts it must be ok for me evan though the claim is nealy double the ammount for a small claim I also included a copy of jonni2bad s "respectfully request" letter from the templates libuary, no such letter included from the other side so I presume thay must think they are more
  9. Well I got my AQ from SC&M today also an offer to settle in full with the normal conditions applyed wont be accepting it as I dont think I should keep quiet about the truth I mean how many credit referance agencies have the banks misinformed about my finances in the past. My AQ is due at the court on Monday so it will be delivered by hand I dontknow if I have done the right thing but I have ticked the fast track box on mine SC&M have ticked the small claim one I can only assume that they dont want to disclose something or other! The funny thing is that I fell less nuvious now it must
  10. Glad I,m not the only one my claim is over the£5000 as well I,m about a month behind will be keeping an eye on you wishing you all the best in this hopfully prosperous year for us all
  11. Hope you all had a good Chrismas and wishing you all a very prosperous new year. Guess what? defence arrived 22/12/2006 so have got to return AQ by 08/01/2007 is this when it starts to get scary or what. Anyway it was a nice but expected Christmas prissie shame they couldn't show a bit of festive chear and credit my account but still I suppose its my own fault realy if I'd started the claim when I should have it would be all over now, but it is something to look foward to. Any body direct me to threads that are about any one whose been allocated a fast track? Just incase....
  12. yeah! but it will be a nice Christmas/New year pressie cos of the bank holidays etc they have to reply by 22/12/2006
  13. Just received in the post Notice of Acknowledgement today so lLloydsTSB have got until 26 December to enter a defence.
  14. Received Claim Form back from court yesterday so now its time to sit back and wait for defence I suppose.
  15. Would love to be there tomorrow but cant get of work any petitions to sign
  16. My local council have insisted on doing this work them self even on private homes for atleast the last 5 years for a sum of corse which I belive to be slightly more than £150 so is prob best to check
  17. Got claim forms back from the court last Thursday, forgot to put banks post code on them so added this and have resubmited them today hope I got it right this time!
  18. Good luck just found your thread. Makes me feel silly worrying over my £9,000 I was suprissed when I clculated it as well
  19. Having read Beans Timeline way back in those glorious days of summer and finaly getting my usual laid back a*** in to action I have just returned from Basildon County Court after dropping in my claim pack. what a wonderful feeling I had thinkig about the ppayout in a few months from the savings account that the bank had set up for me without them realising it. I would have got around to this eventualy but after a phone call fron Brighton at the weekend was just the kick up the backside I needed, the very helpful man at the other end! told me quote "The bank is not here to help you." This is no
  20. Sorry ment £1000 leagal fees you are liabel for if you loose on a claim over £5000 Im confident ofnot loosing but misses still thinks of banks as all ways being right and honest (misguided fool) had many arguments in the past but now have cancelled all DDs andSOs and pay all bills by cash supprising how well of you can be each month when your not feeding fat cats!
  21. After a long think about it Ihave decided to go for the full ammount owed to me by Lloyds TSB. Misses concerned about the possible £100 soliceters fee s , but being self employed Im sure the accountat can help .Going to send a final letter on Monday giving a final 7 days then its of to the county court to file claim. Also going to claim against LloydsTSB credit card , notsure for how much yet still waiting for statments but will let you know. Only get use of computer 2-3 times a week as kids seem to get 4 or 5 hours homework a night and at weekends so they come first (funny eldest daughter ha
  22. Thanks Bean of in serch of threads then.
  23. O.K. finaly got a few hours of use and had a very informative tour . I think i'll be keeping my first claim under £4800 .Just to be sure of my facts ? Am I right that I can claim £48??.?? plus the 8% interest and the court costs .This I would be pleased with, but they wont be getting away with the rest if I can help it .Beback soon (daughters permiting!)
  24. O.K. will do as soon as I get time only have one computer and dauters "homework!" gets priority.
  25. My bank charges befor interest are over £5000 for the past six years. Is this claimable in small claims court or can I make two seperate claims to bring the ammount below this leval,i.e. year 2000-2003 and then yr2004-2006? It only took lloyds from 07/02/06 until 15/04/06 to send me copies of statements! Thanks for any help or ideas.
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