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  1. Well- done to you!!!!! Im right behind you..... Notlongnow......
  2. i phoned barclays person (cant remember name!) that the Welshman did about 4 days after i got my court date and was told that i would be contacted nearer the date as there was ("as you maybe aware, sir" tee-hee) a backlog of claims. They should have my bundle by monday so ill maybe write letter to my county court to request a date sooner and then ring her again. Just be sure to have your total current claim figures to hand. Politeness and respect for others just doing their jobs is required as they do know we will get a result in every court in this fair land!
  3. CONGRATULATIONS INDEED!!!!!!! Great thread- Thanks (i lost mine!, not good on interwebs n things) My court date end of march- bundle in tomorrow. its only 70 odd pages long, not scared of court tho'. does it really need to be 200+ pages like i is now reading everywhere? you the man! from the River Severn (original border...)
  4. sorry, mine must be how do i put my reply to titi in the right one?
  5. goto templates library for the letter befor action, read threads for woolwich & barclays ( my claim is woolwich but follows exactly barclays proceedure). The Welshmans thread is good as are sooooo many more. yes definately send another letter to show how reasonably you are acting throughout but give them just 14 more days before you proceed "without further notice"
  6. re. #51- i can link i can. get this.......... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/guidance-notes/641-case-guidance-notes-going.html and this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/guidance-notes/637-case-guidance-notes-bringing.html.......
  7. be committed, stay with the forums, get up to speed with how halifax conduct themselves in its own forums and get writing! you will quickly find others at your stage........ its SERIOUS fun. lets get 'em! later & good luck:D
  8. sorry forgot to say why i was going on about being rubbish at forums and that was in order to say sorry that i didnt know how to put links in the message pointing to court proceedure. my bundle by the way is less than 100 pages. if i am confidant in what im talking about in court, is there need for a few hundred pages......... ok now im worryiing, no im not, yes i am, Doh! BRING IT ON!!!!!!!
  9. re post 51- conductiong yourself in court, have a look at bankfodders' 'Bringing your case to court'. its in the Case guidance notes (at the bottom of Libraries- bank charges materials and other issues). sorry am rubbish at navigating forums n stuff (i've lost my own thread!) but im sending my bundle tomorrow but my court date is in april!!! i dont think you need to send another bundle but phone the court again to make double sure if you get no definitive reply here in time. Im sure The Welshman documented this as he also went thro directions proceedures if i remember correctly. stay strong we're all over them.........
  10. hi all have read as much as i can re the court bundle but in the Bookworms zip folder it says it includes an "index of things you should include to help you getting the stuff thats personal to you." I cannot see this anywhere! I can only assume that i am being stupid as noone else seems to have asked this! Am i right in thinking that i put my header page followed by all of my correspondance to and from barclays chronolgically followed by Bookworms' zipped bundle and then send one copy to the court and one to barclays legal dept? I phoned alex martin as did the Welshman and was told that he has moved on! It is now a lady dealing with the cases and was told by her junior that as there are so many clains currently and mine wasnt 'til april that she would probably be in touch sometime in march. Do you think that they are waiting to see if i get my bundle in before settling with me and if so, is it worth giving her another call after i have (i have 1 week to get it in)? Any help soooooooo grtaefully recieved!!!!!!! The Goodman.
  11. Cheers both for replies. Just back today so im on it. Later......
  12. many, many thanks to the badger and inimitable welshman for time taken to reply. i came late to this forum as i have had no connection to the web at home so relied heavily on my previous studies of 'the fool' (see above ad!). A little worried by gizmo111 post in welcome forum saying that i might have issued to wrong company ie barclays not woolwich. all of my correspondance was with woolwich letterheads but it states at the bottom of the pages that the woolwich....... are trading names of barclays...... registered to churchill place. should i worry? quick timescale as i really cannot find the place to writeout this summary (which it said i should do after i registered!- pointers in the right direction gratefully recieved again!!) 26/6- request charges 28/7- receive details of all charges; yr2000 in statment form. 18/10- request full reimbursment of all illegal charges (without interest) £1762 21/10- letter received from woolwich (1 churchill place....) 'aiming to resolve' by 18/10 21/10- sent letter of my disappointment in their failure to respond adequately stating law etc giving them just 14 more days before i commence court action to include interest & court costs. I enclosed photocopies of the original documents they sent me with the illegal charges highlighted ( i thought this was the schedule! apolgies for ignorance..) i asked for £1694 this time as i had read that the courts could only go back six years and i hadnt yet started any proceedings with them. (recorded delivery) 10/11- issued claim with mcol. i worked out my own 8% but only from the most recent charge as i hadnt yet seen all the online calculators (i was still working off old notes... ) i was still thinking it better to err on the side of reason. the total i filed agaist barclays for was 1442, 88.18 int, 120 costs. (the charges reduced again as some more fell outside the six year cutoff.) 28/11 Acknowledgment of service from northhamptom including copy from barclays with an 'x' in the "i intend to defend all of this claim" TICK box?! (was yours the same?) Signed A. Ruffhead:rolleyes: shall i send a proper schedule now to northhampton and barclays? i do not have excel do i need it to do it? apologies for any ignorance but committed ang strong? these guys kept my family stuggling through some very lean times. they owe me!
  13. hi.thanks for response. when i initially requested details of all my charges i addressed it to the woolwich, bexleyheath. The details were passed on to barclays and it is they who have been corresponding with me since. I have recieved in the post just today a "Notice Of Acknowledgment Of Service has been filed". As i have been away, i am a bit behind what comes next so ill be researching threads on this tonight. Any pointers gratefully appreciated! Staying Strong, TG
  14. Hello all! Been getting up to speed all night. Barclays acknowledged my claim with MCOL on 13th day. Have scoured as many posts as possible to answer my question but must have missed definitive answer! Did I need to send the schedule of charges (that they posted to me on my request at the outset of my quest) to the court at the same time as i started the claim with mcol? Also, does an 'aknowledgment' mean they have OR will enter/d a defense at this time? As i only have list of charges for 5 of the years and statements for the other year do i need to write post-haste for statements for the whole six years also ready for my bundle? Many thanks for any replies. UNITED WE STAND! TG
  15. Hello All, Im new to forums so be gentle! I havnt read much in the forums yet so ill be brief for the time being....... I have taken my bank to court for £1562 incl interest and costs. On the fourteenth day they 'acknowledged' my claim! I am about to search your threads to see what happens next. The bank in question is the woolwich which is now owned by barclays and it is them i have persued. I suddenly have a feeling that i should have taken the woolwich to court. Did i do the right thing? Someone put me out of my panic asap.... Have i thrown £120 away? Need to check my pulse! Later..........TG
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