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  1. Right, having accepted that all these claims were on hold until after the test case, I have now been told that it doesn't apply to credit cards. In that case, we are in a position to be able to file the court stuff against Barclaycard. Further to my last post, we got a letter back basically saying that the £183 is all you're getting, like it or lump it. We've decided to lump it!! However, I read on here somewhere that *some* institutions were having success in challenging the claims as there isn't enough information given on the printed out version of the court papers on MC
  2. Thanks moneyhelp. I sent the letter off recorded delivery this morning, but having now read the news about all current claims being put on hold, my heart's in my boots Guess we can only keep our fingers crossed and wait until we hear the outcome.
  3. Well, things are trotting along. Prelim letter sent 6th July Reply (dated 13th July) received 23rd July, offering the difference between what we claimed and the current £12 fee (183.00). (Due to no ink for the printer, we haven't written back yet). Barclaycard statement received today with a credit of £183 on it. Now, we haven't accepted this as a conclusion to the claim, so I suppose we now just write (having got ink cartridges today - yay!) and say thank you, we accept the £183 in part payment, but we still quite like the idea of claiming the remaining £384, thank you ver
  4. Hi - good luck with your claim. I'm just a little way behind you, in that I've got both sets of statements now, but I don't know what address to use to write the first letter. Can you let me know which address you used please?
  5. Thank you so much rae may. It's amazing to me just how helpful people will be on this forum - even to a klutz like me! Letter done. I've just addressed it to the place I sent off for the statements. Does that sound right, or should I be using the Barclays Bank address in London that I saw mentioned in the addresses thread?
  6. This is me taking on the might of Barclaycard on behalf of my husband. We've got all the statements from June 2001 to date. We've drawn up a list of the charges (£531.00) And I know that the next step is to do the letter asking them to refund the charges, but I also have a feeling that there is a specific template letter for credit card companies as opposed to bank accounts. I am, I'm afraid to admit, hopeless at finding stuff anywhere - in the house, in the car, online, in forums etc - and so I was wondering if someone could be kind enough to point me in the right directio
  7. Argh, I am so dim! Why can't I just follow simple instruction. OK, I got to the N1 form by following the link in UKaviators post above (thank you). And I'm looking at the instructions also given in the link above for filling the form in. But it's mentioning overdraft interest, and as this is a credit card, there is no overdraft interest. It says something about a daily rate plus charges and OD interest. So I'm running scared again! I am so scared of getting this one wrong, and then not having the confidence to go ahead and try to reclaim the charges from all the other
  8. thanks UK. Do I take it that I have to go to the Court to pick up this document? Or is it available to download and then take there?
  9. No, not cos it was a Sunday. But the bit in red at the top says that some banks are now routinely challenging MCOL claims due to the lack of information included. Don't you think that means that we shouldn't do it that way now? Or I am just being wussy again (i suspect I know the answer lol)
  10. I didn't do it - how embarrassing! I had another look and found this: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/34887-5-money-claim-line.html saying not to do it online now. so it looks like I'm going to have to try and work out how the heck to get to my local court (which isn't in my town, and I work full time, so it's going to be damned awkward) to do it in person. after all that and gearing myself up for it . . . . . . . Thanks for the encouragement, though. I *WILL* do it, just as soon as I can work out how to get to the damned Court (
  11. I don't need to worry about Court bundles now!!??? You *CLEARLY* don't know me at all lol lol lol. OK, I'll take your word for it, and get it done! I'm going. Now Ok Going
  12. Oh good grief - where IS my bottle. I am STILL sitting here telling myself "do it, do it, do it". *WHY* am I being so wussy about it!! Anyway, today IS the day! It is. It is. It really really is. BUT now I've read on another forum that there's a "Court Bundle" to send and I've got all a-quiver again! In all the stuff I've read on here (and I've read and read and read), I've either just not registered that bit, or not seen it at all. So, I have the money to pay for the MCOL fees, I have the card ready, I have a list of charges, with and without the standard interest included
  13. Thank you both. One final (I hope!) question. Finances being a bit on the tight side, I was wondering how long it took from issuing the MCOL thing to actually receiving the money back from them? My MCOL fees is £80. That's a whole week's grocery shopping which I can't afford to not have! Is it usually within the month, or do they drag it out as much as possible? I have decided not to go for the compound interest on this occasion, having come this far with it and still not understanding it enough to have the confidence to possibly have to argue in front of a judge! Will definitel
  14. I have been procrastinating for quite some time over issuing the court papers via MCOL to Cap1. Now that I am actually ready to go for it, I've had another read through of the FAQs before submitting and I find two things: 1. It says that if I'm doing it via MCOL then I need a credit card to pay. I haven't got a credit card any more. Can I use my debit card? Or can I ask someone else to pay with their card if it does have to be a credit card? and, more irritatingly 2. It also says in the FAQs regarding MCOL that you should ensure that the company (i.e. Capital 1) have recei
  15. thesargeant - I salute you. Remind me to NEVER get on the wrong side of you I was gasping then giggling at every post you made on this thread. I am in complete awe of you, and the others, who have the savvy and the confidence to go through with this kind of fight. I have been too scared to even go ahead with the MCOL thing, although all the letters have been exchanged between me and Mr Udy, and the forms have been filled out online ready to go. What a wuss!! Because I freely admit that most of what I read went "whoooooooooosh" right over my head, could I impose on you, or
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