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  1. Thanks Everyone keeps telling me to let it go but i cant its not the money i'm hust so angry with the treatment & the fact that we could very easily proved to the courts what was going on. as if it would have been a great hardship for the courts to say ok you can remove your property my parents would have gladly handed them the keys to the house after they had gone.Instead of being thrown out onto the street any help though would be greatly appreciated
  2. I hope i am in the right thread for this its a bit of a long one & a right mess & it does involve bailiffs(honest) ok i had an offer accepted on a house in april this year that i was buying for my parents they had a house sale going through at the same time s o we tried to complete on the house we were buying for the same date as the sale on there house so they could just move straight in well as you can guess this did not happen. my parents sold there house & had to leave so we were left with 2 situations. 1 they could rent a house for 6 months while the sale we had g
  3. Hello everybody i'm new & just saying hi
  4. ok anyone who can give me advice on this on please Me & my wife bought a Land rover freelander from carcraft Leeds 3 months ago i didnt go in to buy a freelander i only went in to buy an estate car for running the dogs i have around but when i took the wife to look at a couple i had picked out she didnt like any of them. But while we were there the salesman must have spotted my wife eying up this freelander softback so of course he walked us back past it anyway over £10k later we ended up buying it the wifes company give her an allowance each month to pay for it which is just as well
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