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  1. Don't you believe it!! I've had three entries on credit reports that have appeared from nowhere. Also I know that Eon report their accounts on Equifax so I'd be surprised if the other energy companies don't. look to see if there are any searches on your file. If someone looks at your records they leave a "footprint". If a debt collector does this then it says exactly that - enquiry by debt collector. i've been told - don't know how true this is - that a search by a debt collector stays on your record for six years!!!
  2. Just wondered if there'd been any further developments in this case.
  3. Also, it just occurred to me that the argument that the CRA's put forward that they don't hold the records for any defaults after they've disappeared from your accounts is ridiculous. I'm sure, like every other organisation, they are obliged to hold onto data for six years. Send them a SAR and you'll see what info they hold on you. They don't like fulfilling these and try to get away with sending you a credit report but stick to your guns. You'll have to send them £10 for the information. I've done this and I know that they keep information long after it's dropped off your credit files.
  4. Barclays really do think they operate outside the rules - as others have commented. The argument they put forward that a default notice was issued but not actually enforced it is a red herring in my opinion. The ICO state that if you default on a credit agreement then the creditor should default the account after 3 months. Are Barclays seriously implying that this account has not been in default all these years? I had a similar experience with them. They applied a default to my credit reference accounts almost three years after I defaulted. When I complained (consistently over a per
  5. Thanks for your response DX100uk. First one relates to Lloyds TSB. SAR'd them in June 2012. Received a pile of papers at the beginning of October. They sent me details of a loan and credit card I have with them but no information at all on the current account with the large unpaid overdraft. I'm just writing to ask them them why not! Wanted to know if they are likely to come back to me and tell me they don't have to provide this information as the default was served almost 7 years ago. Also been paying a monthly amount to BLS since the beginning of 2006 - mo
  6. Hi Brigadier, The point I'm still not clear about is.... I'm aware that banks have to keep details for six years. But, if it is over 6 years since the account was closed but there is still a debt outstanding that they're chasing, would they have to keep the details including statements of what the debt comprises? Also, if the second loan (a consolidation loan) defaulted over 6 years ago which, when taken out, compromised of a previous loan and credit card debt from 2001, would they still have to keep this information too? Can you see where I'm going with this? Technically
  7. Hello, A couple of questions: 1. How long do banks keep statements for bank accounts where the account is closed following Default but a debt is still outstanding from an overdraft? 2. If a consolidation loan taken out in 2005 (defaulted same year) replaces another loan and a credit card debt with the same company, will the bank have to produce details of all these accounts under a full SAR request? I've been through tons of posts on the forum but there is so much conflicting information, it's difficult to know what is the true position. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi Phil, I'm also experiencing the same problems with Egg. I sent them a full SAR in June for two loans and a credit card. They sent me the same letter you received stating that they didn't have to send me an executed copy of the credit agreement for the credit card only as the account was closed. In fact all the account are closed! I'm sure this is their standard response to all SAR requests. The credit card debt was in fact incorporated into the second loan (as was the outstanding balance on the first loan and PPI). The second loan was taken out in 2005 after I called them to advi
  9. Thanks Slick Will bear in mind what you said. Good not to be too trusting as you say. Now to tackle problems with Egg/Apex.
  10. You can't agree to a contract if you don't know the terms! I have also experienced situations like this in the past and it is so frustrating. As they actually stated that the "admin fee" was specifically for the tenancy agreement and credit checks then how can they not let you have sight of the Agreement before you have to sign it? As Mariner51 rightly points out, both parties to a contract should be able to negotiate the terms and if they are not agreeable then both parties should be able to walk away. When I was asked to see the Tenancy Agreement before renting a property not too long
  11. Hi Slick132, No, she didn't. But, the compensation she mentioned was in my bank account the following day! I've also managed to get Lloyds TSB to remove an incorrect default notice from the CRA files and Eon a late payment entry which was down to them not collecting a D/D payment. This was as a result of being sure of my facts and persevering.
  12. Hi All, RESULT!! Having followed advice to put everything in writing and not getting very far, I decided to try one last time to sort out the incorrect entry on my CRA files by phoning Barclaycard. I called and explained that I wanted to clarify a couple of points about my default and arrangement to pay so that I could explain the problem clearly to the ICO when I raised my claim. They immediately put me through to a manager who listed to my questions and then said she'd call me back. Less that two hours later, she called back. She was extremely apologetic about the way my comp
  13. Hi Ros, Good luck!! They are obviously using this as a ploy to avoid dealing with the massive holes in the information they're providing under a SAR request. I'm now in the process of writing to the ICO to complain about their entries with the CRA's. At least that will give them something to think about. I've just been looking for a phone number to see if there is someone who can tell me how to get past the "phantom standard letter ticker" but haven't had much success Might also find an isolated spot and scream at the top of my voice to dispel some of the frustration I'm
  14. I see what you mean. If you look at the copy of the application form they sent me there is no mention of PPI. I could argue for the refund on that basis alone couldn't I? Having said that, when I applied for the card I was self employed so maybe I submit that as a reason for a refund as well. I do have all the statements I need to reclaim PPI. However, the majority of the amount they charged me was for excessive charges - even after the account had supposedly been closed! I think, on reflection, that I should put in a court claim for both the PPI and court claim costs now. I'm also going
  15. Hi renegadeimp They won't correspond with me! They've sent the same letter back four times. Not sure who to write to to get anywhere. Is there a formal template I could access and send? And who should I send it to if the Data Controller won't deal with it?
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