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  1. It's taken me 18 months to resolve this problem. I couldn't update this thread in the meantime as I took it to the Energy Ombudsman in November 2008. In December 2008 I got a provisional ruling made by a junior "Ombudsman". This ruling was so wishy washy and in my opinion biased in favour of Npower that I rejected it. Instead I sent a page of A4 of carefully thought out counter proposals. Nothing happened for 6 months because my proposals had to go before the actual ombudsman who was deluged with work. The ombudsman agreed to all my proposals except the penalty time-scale I drew up should Npow
  2. You need to get in touch with the Energy Ombudsman to break this cycle their number is 0330 440 1624. I have a similar crossed meter problem but nowhere near as bad as yours. I wish somebody had advised me to go to the Energy Ombudsman sooner than I did. The staff are very helpful and will advise you what to do.
  3. Well I've got nowhere with my original complaint so I emailed Kevin Miles, managing director of Npower domestic supply. I received a same day reply from a lady in "Executive Complaints". At least she did understand what the situation is and what needs to be done to fix it. Whether "Executive Complaints" turns out to be another fob off I shall have to wait and see. Next stop will be the Energy Ombudsman.
  4. Current supplier is Npower. I have raised a higher level of complaint via Energywatch but it's all so agonisingly S-L-O-W. I will be chasing the person at Npower who is supposed to be dealing with it today, but although i've got a contact name I don't have a direct dial phone number or an individual email address.
  5. I've tried my current supplier they fobbed me off with the National Grid 0870 number. If I haven't got anywhere by Monday I'm going on the warpath. Any inside information would be most welcome. Who does what when the records are clearly wrong isn't explained anywhere that I can find.
  6. Just tried to bypass the 0870 number and failed. One of the numbers on the saynoto0870 is wrong and the switchboard say the only point of contact is the 0870 number.
  7. I've tried phoning that number. It's an automated service at 14p a minute. When I input my details it goes ape and says it can't deal with me. You then get a message "transferring you to an agent" followed by a message "all our agents our busy call again goodbye" . You would then have to start all again at 14p a minute without any guarantee of sorting the problem
  8. To change suppliers you need the meter point reference number to be correct. I know mine is mixed up with the property next door. Until it's sorted I can't move. I've tried.
  9. Hi, I am unable to change supplier because my gas meter record is incorrect. I've been trying to get this sorted for some time. Does anyone know who keeps the meter records? Is it one company nationally responsible or is it split amongst a number of companies? I've got Energywatch involved but it's proving to be awfully slow and bureaucratic. My usual approach in a situation like this is to get in touch with a board member of the company giving me the problem. In this case I can't find out who does what never mind find out names of directors. Any information would be gratefully appreciated.
  10. Go to the top of the Debt Collection industry forum and you will find the new thread button.
  11. Hi, Please start your own thread on this.
  12. You could turn the intimidation round by taking his photograph every time he parks up. I am very surprised about them employing this amount of intimidation especially for a debt they can't prove.
  13. Register an official complaint with energywatch and then ask energywatch to connect you to the Npower troubleshooters that only energywatch can connect you to. This is not a number you can dial yourself but energywatch will connect you. Good Luck!
  14. Send them a suitably modified version of the CAG telephone harassment letter by recorded delivery. I doubt you will stop them phoning by just asking on the phone.
  15. Gas supply, corrupt meter records due to Transco, e.g. getting billed for neighbours gas.
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