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  1. Potentially interesting and hopefully explosive thread. Subbing
  2. Congrats Bella, you desreve the win. Well done to laiste.... pass this on... anyone in contact with her.
  3. Subscribing to a wonderfully informative thread driven by two superb Ladies. well done
  4. Thanks Rory, but should i just ignore them, take them to the county court to produce the evidence or continue to try and get the account wiped clean? thanks
  5. Hello all, I have been in an extended letter writing campaign with capital one re:CCA. I have recently received a bogoff letter claiming amongst other things that provision of the current terms and conditions complies with section 78 of the CCA 1974 and that the agreement is properly executed. (see scan below) Obviously, what i have been sent is an application form which is very much precontractual. Can anyone advice as to the best course of action PLEASE!!
  6. Hi Peter, thanks for your help thus far, but I am still waiting for this idea you or ayone else may have. Sorry work pressures have meant i am not on the banks case as much as i want to. thanks all the same clearmydebts
  7. Thank you very much for your prompt reply, Any other ideas on how best to move forward anyone?
  8. Hello All, I need some help please... Do these satisfy the CCA or is it just a precontract and as such not worth holding my breathe? thanks for all replies
  9. I guess the information commissioner is the next move. You need to contact that office to report the non compliance. They could be toying with their licence Trying PMing one of the mods for more info
  10. WHAT A MAN YOU ARE, WELL DONE!!!!! Such guts and such spineless defense. Wishing you the very best and let us hope the judge ses the banks concealment strategies for what they are. Did they thus tell the court what the scale of their charges are or will they be sending that in to the court?
  11. Cank, come off the celebration and tell us the good news
  12. Cank, This will be a landmark case that will move the issue of reclaiming our monies to another level. I for one wish you the best of luck and hope the judge sees the banks for what they are [EDIT] BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!
  13. Hello Cank, from the botom of my heart i wish you all the success that you desire. I believe it is time someone legally played the bank their game and won. With bated breathe i await to see the "I WON" message on the 27th.
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