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  1. Hi, I had the same problem with Cap one and Lowell. Lowell said they had bought the debt and wanted immediate payment. All I did was to CCA them and wait. They couldn't come up with any agreement and closed the case. Deal only in writing with them!!! Can't stress that enough!
  2. Surely the fact that I paid in cash directly into Their bank account counts for something?
  3. Thanks Caro, Will be doing that after reading your thread! Congratulations in order of course! Just hope mine doesn't take as long..
  4. Thanks Nattie, but where does this leave me? BTW Gizmo, it was paid in about 4:00 .
  5. Hi all, Sorry for not posting for a while but nothing to report ..till now. Sent the LBA and waited...and waited....and then...REPLY from Neil McKirdy!!! Usual rubbish,all your fault etc.. but..Enclosed are cheques for £2100 for acc#1 and £2700 for acc#2! No admission of liability and in full & final settlement. Obviously far short of what they owe me so replied saying I would accept them as part payment and claim for the rest unless they pay me what they owe. Got a reply stating no chance, so MCOL on Monday! Questions, questions though...1st one is as on account is in my name and the other is a joint account with my other half, can the bank combine the claims and force them on to multi track? Second, do I claim for the full amount, or just the balance less what they have sent (i haven't cashed the cheques)? Third, I am also about to seek a set aside for a CCJ they Got without me knowing (It was just at the time I moved) which is made up entirely of penalty charges. Strangely enough, they have NEVER chased me for this.Will this have any effect on the claims? Thanks for any replies, all advice received most gratefully!
  6. Hi everyone, I hope somebody can help with this. On 24th November 2006, I received a CCj for £513 from Yorkshire Water. After much scrimping & scraping, I managed to pay the full amount on the 22nd December to avoid the CCJ staying on my record. I paid it using the printed form on the bottom of the demand for payment from the court into NatWest Bank (YW's Bank). This morning I got a letter from YW Stating that the payment was not received by them until the 29th December and that the judgement could only be marked as 'satisfied' as the payment was not received within the month allowed. My argument is that I paid this within the month in good faith. Surely the fact that the bank did not forward the payment to them for another 7 days is not my fault and I should not be penalised for this. I have a receipt from the bank with the date clearly on it. Is there any way I can persuade the court that this is wrong? Many thanks in advance for any answers. Gary.
  7. Hi, My ex-bank, Yorkshire, obtained a CCJ for £600 last year against me. After sending the SAR and getting my statements, I have found that every penny of this is from charges since I last made a payment to bring the account up to date! My question is, can I get this judgement set aside on this basis? Thanks for any help in advance.
  8. Hi Barnett, Nice to know I'm not the only one who's been done over by this crew to this extent! Still at the prelim letter stage I'm afraid, so just expecting standard sod off reply. I will be taking it all the way though! Hope you will be too? This is payback for all the times my wife and kids have had to go without because these (edit) have taken my wages! Thats the thought that will keep me going! Keep the faith Brother! Gary.
  9. Thanks Ozzy, I wondered about Acc. 2. Is it best to put in 2 claims for this acc? BTW, if (when!) Iput the claim through the court, the 8% added will take it to £5141 on Acc. 1 and £6957 on Acc. 2. Total of £12098! Do I have to take this into account with the £5000 limit for each claim?
  10. Hi everyone, Just calculated my charges from Yorkshire bank for the last 6 years! Account # 1: £4193 Account # 2: £5069 Total = £9262!!!! Prelim letter just posted so see if you can hear the screams from the YB branch! Can anyone beat this? Gary.
  11. Hi Kraken, Strangely enough, I have just had the same letter from Lowell Portfolio. The last time I had any contact with Capital One was two years ago, when they refused to answer any letters regarding them justifying their charges. By my estimation, around 95% of my 'debt' are charges. Questions are; Are Capital One allowed to sell 'debts' which are in dispute? and secondly, do Lowell also take on the liabilities (refunding the charges) which come with the 'debt'? Anyone out there have the answers- could be interesting ! Thanks, Gary.
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