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  1. Dav3y

    Claim advice

    This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. I seem to remember the wording from the OFT was that they would not automatically deem a charge fair because it was £12 or lower. Stick to your guns and get it all back. My offer was from Gareth Tunnicliffe, but the letter was from Steve Bailey.
  3. Same happened to me m8. I got three timewasting letters to take me past my original deadlines. They finally responded to mine two days before their deadline for acknowledgement of my moneyclaim claim. Just stick to your deadlines and move it onto the next step if they chose not to respond within your timeframe.
  4. I too have just had an offer from the very same man at MBNA. This was after them receiving both the letters and sending me three fob off replies saying they will send a response by x/x/z and never doing so. After issuing the claim on the moneyclaim website, they ring me up with the offer when they have just two days left to file their response/acknowledgement. Just gotta get the amount ammended as they have added yet more charges and interest since the phonecall. Guess they thought they'd play the game with me but changed their minds. Does make me wonder why they even bother having c
  5. Dav3y

    Claim advice

    Lol, i think you just confused me furthur The bottom line is I am claiming back all charges paid and unpaid + interest on the paid charges + costs and any additional interest they have added on top of the unpaid charges. I guess i made it sound more complicated than it is. Having now looked at the limited space on the web based form, i made the claim much simpler using that form anyway as that's all it allows. Ill go post the details now with my claim number if i can find the section, and thanks for your help
  6. Dav3y

    Worzel v MBNA

    Good luck to you as well matey. It's funny how you only find out how bad these instutions are when you actually have a problem with them. I find it incredible that they should even be allowed to lend money to people especially as they do it in such an irresponsible manner. I have been a customer myself for many years and they have had 1000's out of me in interest over the years, but when it came down to it their greed just wanted to squeeze that little bit more.
  7. Dav3y

    Claim advice

    They could do, but the unpaid charges have a higher rate of interest applied than i can claim back via court so thought it would be more beneficial to me if i did it that way especially as the bank themselves are responsible for the interest being added in the first place. Grouping it all as charges and then claiming 8% makes me around £40 worse off, and i don't see why i should pay interest on money i never owed. I'm so enraged at the way that they have behaved and blatently ignored all of my recent communications that i don't see why i should let them get away with anything if i don't h
  8. Dav3y

    Claim advice

    I'm not adding the balances to the charges. The balances are unpaid charges added since they refused my request to close accounts some 12 months ago and only consist of charges added since May 05. The charges are charges paid prior to May 05 of which I am claiming the 8% on the moneyclaim site. Effectively any settlement paid out will pay off the balances unless they offer to clear the balances and close the accounts and repay just the paid charges plus court costs.
  9. Dav3y

    Claim advice

    Had another look at the charges this morning, and have decided I'll probably go for paid charges plus interest, and then add on the two current balances as i don't owe them. This will add up to £350 + £100 interest at 8% and then additional £480 on the balances. Once the £80 costs is added as well this brings the total claim to just over £1000. I heard that if i get an offer i should accept this if it's the full amount less the interest. Wish me luck......
  10. Dav3y

    Claim advice

    DPA wasn't needed as i am a hoarder and have all my old statements,and yes have already been through the Request for Repayment and LBA letters. I have had about 3 letters saying i will get a response by x/y/z followed by another one and the same again. Finally gave in and rung them up and they told me i would have a letter by Wednesday of last week. Needless to say it didn't turn up and I'm fed up with their lies and stalling tactics, and the deadlines i gave them have now passed so I'm moving on. They haven't frozen the accounts either, they continue to add £25/month charges to both acco
  11. Dav3y

    Claim advice

    Hi there, Just like to say what an excellent and helpfull site this is. I'm about to start my claim against MBNA for 3 different cards, and I'm after a bit of advice. I have two cards still with open accounts on them which they refused to close as they obviously had balances on them that consist only of late fees. I also have furthur charges I'm claiming back over the past 6 years that i have paid. Now as they refuse to close the accounts, should i just group the paid and unpaid charges together and claim for the lot and then pay off the balances from the refunds if/when i get t
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