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  1. yes me too still phoning after letter from MR UDY telling me my number has been taken off the calling centre and have been defaulted by DEBITAS!
  2. still nothing back from lloyds they still owe me £250 in charges do i need to redo my spreadsheet and only claim for the £250 with the interest?
  3. thanks gary, have just looked at the form for MCOL and not too sure about the daily rate of interest to put onto form?when ive filled this in where do i send the form?
  4. hi there gary had the 750 from lloyds and sent the rejection letter not had any reply so doing my MCOL so what do l put on my schedule of charges in repect to the 750 they have given me? they still owe me 250?
  5. yes they are very persistant arnt they and can be very rude. also have you any idea how to change my name on this site? think l should have got my full name on the thread and need to change it if anybody from the banks are on here!
  6. thanks catherious and blackrain for your advise will do letter to-day as they are phoning me and getting a bit bothered now!
  7. please can anybody HELP what letter to send to DEBITAS concerning my CAP 1 ACCOUNT BEING IN DISPUTE?
  8. what letter do l send to DEBITAS telling them account is in dispute and to put anything in writing?
  9. capital one phone calls then defaulting my account and passing it on to debitas while in dispute,
  10. hi there blackrain do l phone debitas and tell them my account with cap 1 is in dispute?
  11. l have sent my rejection of settlement but a bit confused what to do next as they have put this into my account but owe me over thousand? not heard anything back yet?
  12. have excepted the 750 as part settlement and sent rejection letter back what do l do now as they owe me still just over a thousand in charges?
  13. hi there blackrain had a letter from cap one called STATEMENT OF DEFAULT ON 15/1/07 enclosed with letter from DEBITAS. What i carnt seem to understand is l am claiming for 2 acounts and they have only replyed on one of my accounts. As for this MR UDY well he seems to be running rings round me one minuite he is asking for payments now he,s sent this?
  14. hi there all l too have just received a letter from DEBITAS I have sent my S.A.R. L.B.A. had two offers and refused them now this please help what can l do/ also sent two letters for harrassment they even said they was stopping the phone calls but they still phone. I even had a letter from MR UDY to comfirm that i wouldnt get any more calls but still do. This is really starting to worry me now they have even put a DEFAULT on my file HELP PLEASE ANYBODY?
  15. can anybody help me l need to change my name on the forum?
  16. l have requested on several occasions by letter to capital one to be contacted by letter only have it in writing from VALERIE LIPTON AND ROBERT UDY that l will be contacted by letter only. l have since had 6 phone calls from them over the past three days. do l make a complaint to the ombusman ? sonya mann
  17. l am just about to file mcol for capital one but i am totally confused can anybody send me details how to do this please. l have been thru most threads and still dont know how to start this. sonya mann
  18. sorry orfoster Have done all the process up to the l.b.a. but they have sent me 2 default notices on my accounts l thought they couldnt do that if you was disputing charges so do l still go ahead with the mcol?
  19. can anybody advise me, have received two NOTICE OF DEFAULTS on my accounts l have sent my l/b/a/ Received offers and refused them still getting constant telephone calls please can anybody tell me what to do next? sonya mann
  20. What a surprise i too have had a letter with offer of £750 but they owe me £800 will be more as they have just added charges on for january of nearly £100 and as its christmas i am tempted to accept
  21. hi there all yes another cap 1 unhappy customer refused my charges and now sending me a letter to bring my account up to date else l get a default against me looks like its to court we go then s.mann
  22. hi there freebird sorry about not being able to pm me think ive done something to my settings dont know what thou thank you fro your reply think l will do the same as you sonya
  23. hi there all ive recently had a phone call from the royal bank of scotland about opening a account with them they have said they do not charge for d.debits or bounced cheques and would charge me 8.00 per month if l opened a acct with them can any body advise me if this is true? s.mann
  24. hi there new comer have a look thru the threads for lloyds bank you first need to send a S.A.R. to lloyds asking for all your statements over the last 6ys you will find a template for this under TEMPLATES on the forum Hope this has helped
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