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  1. thank you all for your replies, what i carnt understand is why are capital one intending to defend my claim? the only trouble is i still owe them about £550 on my card after the charges have been teken off is this why? sonic
  2. I Have Received Letter From Cabot Saying They Have Purchased My Debt From Capital One Also Letter Saying Capital One Have Sold It To Cabot And Are Requesting Payment And All Contact To Cabot. They Have Said They Will Start Reporting Against My Credit File With 60days Of Me Receiving This Letter? I Have Allready Applied To The Courts For My Charges Against Capital One And Received Acknowledgment They Are Intending To Defend The Claim? Can Anybody Advise Me What I Should Do
  3. do you know why they are not responding? has anybody else have the same?
  4. I have sent the relivent letters lloyds for my husband and myself and it is well over the deadline they have not replyed to my last one L.B.A. With this new ruling will they refuse payment or is it worth me still applying to the court? sonic
  5. has any one got any ideas of my posting?
  6. the person who videod my frend said that it was to prove that she was working harder than every one else but this was done early hours of the morning when she wasnt there. Also my frend and others was smoking at the time when they was not supposed to be inside of the building . She also says that my frend was showing others things on the computer sonya
  7. can any body help me please? I have a frend at work and has found out that she has been video taped can she do anything about it? sonya
  8. thanks all for your advise and help
  9. hi there curlyben I have wrote a letter to say this account is in dispute and that l am now applying to the courts for the fees is that ok?
  10. no havent made any payments to CAPITAL ONE, but l am now getting a bit worrid as they say they will take me to court before l take them?
  11. I have received a letter from DEBITAS saying they are going to take me to court I have already sent S.A.R. AND L.B.A. this debt belonged to CAPITAL ONE do l write to tell them that l am disputing the debt and go for Court Claim? sonya
  12. hi there hubbykiller yes we can all live in hope that something like that was true but life isnt that easy eh!
  13. Personally I Wouldnt Give Your Details To Your Email There Are To Many Scams And This Sounds Like One Of Them Sonya
  14. capital one has paid up but i carnt check online to see if the payment has been paid as they have closed my account. Also they have had the court costs aswell what should i do?
  15. Been Defaulted By Capital One By Debitas Another Default On My Account!
  16. hi there hellhasnofury could you help me in the right direction? have recieved a offer from lloyds reguarding ppi if l except the offer it will be paid off loan if not it says that l do have the option of esculating matters within Lloyds TSB INSURANCE? ANY ADVISE WOULD BE VERY HELPFULL SONYA
  17. hi there keith thanks for your reply, i,m not sure what to do now? It does say on the letter that refund will be taken off against loan with interest (on a ex-gratia basis?) what ever that means? and if he wishes to reduce monthly payments then the loan will have to be rescheduled. Also it says if he is dissatisfied with their decision you do have the option of escalating matters within Lloyds Ins? any idea,s would be appreciated
  18. hi there reidnet yes thats what we was hoping for a nice cheque, but as my husband only took the loan out last year would we still be intitled to the money?
  19. I am claiming back my Husbands PPI on his loan they have sent a offer of £1,162.48 WITH INTEREST! This was a FIXED SUM LOAN and they say they will take this off the loan if he excepts, what shall i do? can anybody help please?
  20. i have just sent S.A.R. for my husband to Citi Cards and had a form come back asking for more information reguarding his account number address and proof of idendity is this normal for Citi Cards?
  21. hi there wendy l have done the same sent the spreadsheet with out the interest on so if l sent them another one with interest on how much % do l put and what colum?
  22. im having trouble doing my spreadsheets for the m.c.o.l.? and when l fill the form in for m.c.o.l. it wont save i need to do this urgently as capital one are going to default my account/
  23. do l use the rate of interest at todays %?
  24. HI WENDY I am at the same stage as you, didnt put the 8% on the spreadsheets sent to capital one, have been trying to do my mcol but it wont SAVE have done spreadsheets for mcol with the 8% but dont know if ive done the other daily rate right? been over and over some treads but carnt seem to find anyhting to help me?
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