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  1. Have been trying to claim my ppi insurance back from lloyds, the last letter i received has said that they are not in a position to complete a final response and i can complain to the Ombudsman if l am unhappy with the delay. What do l do now?
  2. sonic007


    I Have Heard That Lloyds Are Not Paying Out Any Refunds Of Charges? Can I Apply For Hardship?
  3. l have spoken to Lloyds concerning my loan acct and they have said that l can cancell my insurance but not said anything about a refund to be taken off my acct? Surely l can get some of it back
  4. sonic007


    I Have Almost Come To The End Of My Loan With Lloyds And Have Missed 2 Payments Can I Cancell The Loan Protection Insurance Would It Then Mean That My Loan Would Then Be Finished? Cash Loan 4000.00 Loan Ins 1087.26 Remainder Of Loan To Pay 420.00
  5. One Was For A Loan Payment And Other Was A Credit Card Acct
  6. sonic007


    Lloydstsb Have Just Taken Out 2 Payments Out Of My Bank Acct With Out My Permisstion Can They Do This?
  7. thank you bank fodder
  8. I Received refund of charges from lloyds tsb back in july 2007, as a goodwill gesture but didnt receive all of my charges back as they said it was the maximum they would offer, l did reply saying that l would except this as a part payment and would persue the reamainder of the charges, but didnt as everything was put on hold. Can l now make another claim for the remainder of charges and also more charges have been added?
  9. so can get my credit file ammended? if cabot dont own the debt and was in dispute of the charges? what should i do about the remainder of the debt contact capital one?
  10. yes sent the £1.00 fee which they returned and Capital one have said they have not been able to obtain the relevant information for my account? do you think this is why they havent contacted me for the remainder of the balance?
  11. hi there rory yes did claim back charges from capital one but still owe a balance of 581.06 which capital one have not yet asked for but in the meantime Cabot have put a default notice on my credit file but dont own the debt?
  12. I have noticed on my credit file that cabot have defaulted me on the charges from capital one, but as from april2008 they re-assigned my account back to capital one can i get this removed if i still owe capital one money?
  13. I am in the process of contacting the F.O.S. against CITI CARDS. Do i send CITI CARDS a letter to comfirm this? Also is it best to do this on-line or post my complaint? SONIC
  14. Can Anybody Advise Me Please? Loan With Hfc Bank The Box For The Ppi Ins Has Allready Got The Cross In There And Noticed On Statements We Have Been Charged £345.21 But We Was Not Told Of This Is This Misselling?
  15. I,m sorry to hear about your friend , i have every simpathy with all victims unless you have experienced them it is hard to emagine what they are going thru.We didnt know that my m.i.l. didnt have insurance else we would of done something about it, she only had ins for fire! But the trouble with the older genaration they do tend to skip on things thats important as they go on in life! Thank you for your advise.
  16. I take that reply in the disrespect it was written, why should she and other flood victims have to pay for damage that is not their fault. OBVIOUSLY I,VE HIT A SORE SPOT
  17. Can anybody give me any advice? My Mother-in-law was flooded out of her home in July she lost all of her belongings and was not insured! She is 86 years old and she has had the help of the ROYAL BRITISH LEGION which they have suppled her with all of the items that she has lost which is brilliant of them, she thought she was getting her belongings back UNTILL she had a phone bill from BT! wait for it! £260.00 They have charged my Mother-in-law for repairing the phone line and because she was not insured they have said that she has to pay it. Can anybody give me any advice what i should do?
  18. can anybody helpme? lloyds have sent me a letter stating that the 750 offer is the most they are going to give me back? they still owe me 350 what di i do now/
  19. can anybody advise me on this? have a gold credit card from lloyds l was a bit short of my last months payment of £5.71 l have just logged into my account and have found out they have taken the payment out of my husbands and my savings account with out my permisstion can they do this?
  20. l am trying my husbands account on capital one have sent a letter for repayment of charges of £280.00 they have replyed with the offer of £146 +£10 for interest that may of incurred and it will show on my next statement. Do l send letter refusing this offer?
  21. hi there curlyben are you saying that if cap 1 do pay charges back that cabot can still collect outstanding amount?
  22. thanks curly ben and ria i,m on the case let you know what becomes of it
  23. hello there curlyben have you any other advise reguarding my lastest post? sonic
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