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  1. Hi please help me. We have had one letter posted to us from equita for an outstanding parking ticket. £95. We have had a second letter through the post today informing us that a baillif will be caliing us within 7 days.I phoned up equita who told me it had been passed to the baliffs. THe told me that the total now was £307 . FOR A £95 PARKING TICKET. what can i do he told me that we have to pay within 7 days.If he comes out again it will go up to £420.12. Can they do this? how caan we stop them? someone please help me this is ridiculus!!!!!!!

  2. hi, I had a jacobs baliff turn up for my council tax. When i spoke to him he said that need to arrange payment and he would have to come round. So I then rang the councils recovery department and explained to them the problem was having with paying the council tax etc. A very helpful person told me that I should arrange to see the CAB. By doing this you are showing your are in probs and trying to resolve this. When you do this the council will put the account with jacobs on hold. But beware, when I had the account put on hold, the baliff turned up and snuck a second letter through the door. WITH CHARGES. I immediatly rang him, and he told me it was standard, but the account was on hold. So rang the council who phoned jacobs on my behalf. I got a letter of apologie from them and removal of charges. I then wrote a letter to the council explaining that I could only pay a certain amount, and will pay them directly. That way you only have to pay what is owed to the council. Also helps if you say with the arrears you will pay this years tax bill. hope this helps a bit

  3. Hi Falcon sorry dont still have it. It was a while ago. But we have got to the stage of baliff etc. I have letters from baliffs. Is there anyway to get this sent back to the council, so we dont pay baliff charges. Or can they just turn up on saturday and take our stuff? we cant afford to pay the £130 but can pay in instalments, what can we do? Do you think I should ring them or write them a letter? the only trouble I have is if they say they didnt recieve it.

    This is such a predicament to be in, we keep getting tickets because of the parking situation in our area. They wont give us residential parking, and there is never anywhere to park. With a small child i dont want to have to walk miles in a so nice area (there has been rapes and attempted rapes a few streets down). I appreciate your help with this Falcon.

  4. Hi thanks for the relpy sorry about that. It for Luton Borough Council. They have told us that If we dont pay by friday they will have the baliffs and the removal van here os saturday. We have already paid them £47.00 and they say we owe another £130.00. But the ticket is normally about £95 isnt it? Is the rest charges? Please help as I have until friday to pay, Many thanks

  5. Hi wanted to ask if someone can help. We have got baliffs for parking ticket. We have paid them £47, and still owe £130. They said we have to pay by Friday. or the removal van will be there on saturday

    Can we offer them instalments or do we have to pay them all at once. Cant afford to pay whole thing, but dont want them to turn up at my house. What can I do?

    Please help

  6. Hi everyone


    I have just filed money claim for charges against capital one, but how do I get them to remove th default notice. I asked them in the letter, but how can i make sure they do it?


    Please help, also they offerd me partial refund which i said i would accept, but claim for the remainder. Should i have taken the payment then filed for the remainder, or was it ok that i filed for all of it




  7. WOOHOO!!


    Filed for court on 15th May, got a letter from court with acknowledgement on 18th May, settlement letter on th 19th MAY. They will pay £3594 without admitting liability.


    I have suceeded. I have opened another account with barclays and i am free from hsbc. Just got to wait for the cheque.



  8. Hi


    Can someone help me? I am about to file for court but i was wondering about how the settlements are paid. I have just opened a new account with Barclays bank and do not want the money to be paid into my HSBC account. Can i ask them to send me a cheque made payable to me, or does it have to go into the bank?




    Many thanks

  9. Hello,


    I am now 7 days from filing with the court. Ever since I sent the first letter HSBC have come down on me like a ton of bricks. They keep returning stuff and charging me out od Badness. One direct debit they returned 15 mins before money was paid in. Now they are sending me letters saying that If i was in financial difficulty i should have rang them. WHICH I DID!!!!!!!! when it all first started. The are now saying that if i dont sort everything out they are going to close the account. Is this just their way of getting back at me for threatening court? Also the amount on the letters doesnt include what they have charged me this week, can I claim for this? or should I just say to them, I will pay you what is owed on the overdraft less the bank charges? I have opened another account with Barclays, and i am not paying any more money into HSBC. What can I do?


    Please help.


    Ta Much

  10. Ive been trying for months now to help my partner out of dept caused by Lloyd's tsb, a few months ago he went £10 over drawn and because he was on benefits at the time he could not pay it then the interest came on all together it rounded up to £350, we managed to pay that off in one lump sum then a few days latter he had about £200 charges back on his account, now 2 months later the bank have taken a further £200 leaving him £400 in debt.

    reading some of your posts have helped me a bit, i have an appointment at the local citizens advice to try and sort out this mess, but any thing you could tell me would be helpful and well appreciated. i don't even no what the first step is :(



    I would check with the C A B first because i am sure that they cannot take your benefit money. then 1 would start the process of court proceedings. Dont be frightened of them.

    I have had HSBC trying to be A** Holes because of my letters, they are returning direct debits as much as they can. And charging me £30 per time. Final letter is going into the bank today. I will take them to court because they have made my life hell.



  11. Hi


    have had a letter back from HSBC, saying that they are not being unlawful, its all in the terms and conditions. They advise me to contact the Financial Ombusman, as this is there final respose to the matter.


    Well, Off to court we go. I am sending the second letter about court action, and we shall take it from there. £2621 is alot of money, which they are happy to take, even when i am skint!!!!


    I shall try to scan a copy of the letter from your records. Will let you know what respose i get to the second letter.


    Ta Ta for now

  12. Hi


    Thanks for that. I have hand posted it, and filmed it with my camera phone as proof. Which i noted on the back of the envelope.


    When i saw how much they have charged me I got mad, so now they can face the concequences.


    Will keep you updated with any responses.


    Ta Ta For now.


  13. Hi everyone,


    Got my statements from HSBC, and they have charged me £2621. This has only been in the last 2 years. Never had any charges previous to that. Got my statment through for this month and found they have charged me £270 pounds, and they are going to take another £125.00 on 1st of may. So i have added them on to the list.


    The letter is being posted tonight. Going by hand. Or Do you think it would be better to be posted through royal mail? Not sure.


    14 days for a respose, lets wait and see.


    ta ta for now

  14. I have had a reply from HSBC about the data protection request, which they have agreed to send me statements to cover the last 6 years, and they wont be charging for them. Just need to wait for the whole lot to arrive and see how much i have paid. They are still charging me now. Last month i paid £160 pounds in charges. Which has left me overdrawn, and again, they will charge me next month for being overdrawn. Vicious circle.


    Will keep you up to date as soon as i put the request for charges letter to HSBC.


    Also can anybody let me know f they have had any luck with HSBC in the bedfordshire area?

    Many thanks


    TA TA

  15. Hi,

    Having read all the other posts, i decided that Lloyds and capital one are on my hit list as well. Has reply from lloyds, they refunded the £75 but closed the account. Nice. But HSBC are the main ones as i guess they owe me at least £4000. Still waiting for the reply about Data Discolosure.

    The Little people are fighting back!!!!!!!! :D

  16. 76rjk4re4




    I have just learned about your website from my dad. I have been crippled by bank charges from Hsbc for the last six years. In the last three months I have paid about £400. So I am going to take revenge on these money grabbers and demand it all back. I am going to send my letter today for the statements. Will Keep you posted. Wish Me Luck!!



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