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  1. ahh gotcha so i need to add in this section

    ""All collection activities by your company cease with immediate effect until ******** comply with my request from ********* 2007 or such time as a court makes an enforcement order"

    moorcroft and not capquest?


    sorry just want to make sure i have got it right.


    I have to say you are a superstar letter writter :)

  2. Hi



    I need advice please


    I recieved a letter from capquest with regards to a loan with HSBC.


    I sent them the consumer credit letter as per template also including deed of assignment letter.


    They sent me the standard holding letter saying we are obtaining the information and will be in contact soon. I heard nothing back from them, and today i received from moorcroft debt recovery. i telephoned moorcroft and asked if they had recieved instructions from capquest. they said no they had recieved instructions from hsbc. so what they have done is sent it back to hsbc , who then sent it to another debt recovery company!


    so where do i stand with consumer credit request as they have not complied with it?

  3. Hi


    Just wanted some advise please.


    A company that we authorised to take £50 from our visa debit account has taken £360.00 which is the total amount due. We had arraanged to take £50 per month.


    How do we stand cause as far as i am aware this is theft from my account. They have admitted that they have taken too much, but we have had a direct debit rejected for this theft. can we claim this back. Is there anything i can quote to them other than Im calling the police.


    Please help, obie ones of the consumer world!!



  4. Hi spoke to Luton borough council who wouldnt speak to me about it, they said I had to deal with the bailiffs, so I sent them a letter offering payment, which they accepted but they said that they are going to sent someone round to levy to secure the debt. Can they do this? I obviously wont let them in but they said they would add extra charges

  5. Hi,


    As an avid memeber of this website, I saw that alot of people have had dealings with council tax problems. I am at the minute having trouble with jacobs. I requested a balance from Luton Borough council to see how much left I owe them, this way I can work out how much is charges from the bailiffs. I have had no reply from them. I want topay directly to luton borough council, is this possible and can jacobs chase me for the charges.

    All help is appreciated.

    Many thanks


  6. Hi


    The payment was not taken from her account, and we have spoken to her bank who are looking into the mistake Newlyn have made with the payment, she had over £600 in her account plus a £1000 overdraft, so there was ample amount of money in the account. So the only thing it could be is that they have inputted something wrong.

    I was also going copies of all recorded phone calls and notes made on the account in order to try and find out what has been happening.

    I payed via card after receiving a letter, and they have admitted that they made a mistake and that if it was declined they should have phoned me to advise me so that we could arrange other payment. But they didnt, they just sent the bailiff to clamp the car. I got a letter through the door when they clamped the car and nothing else

  7. Hi ,


    On saturday, woke up at 7.30 to find my car had been clamped. There was a letter through the door staing I had to pay £506 immediatly otherwise they would tow my car away.


    On the 7th of August i did infact pay the parking ticket, via card payment. I spoke to Newlyn, who told me they could not trace what happened to the payment, and as the accounts department were not in until monday I would have to pay the bailliff and get a refund on monday. Other wise they were taking my car. The bailiff turned up and I had no choice but to pay. I also had to miss work because of it.


    On monday, I telephoned them, who told me that banking had decided that no refund would be issed due to the payment being refunded. I agrued with her and told her that Kenneth had taken the payment. She replyed "oh that explains it". Then told me her supervisor will be looking into it. They were to call me back 1 hour later. 4 hours later they still hadnt called, and I rang them back, only to be told not refund. I explained to the call centre that I could obtain proof that the payment would not have been refused and there was ample enough money in the bank. Again a call back was supposed to happen. Nothing, I then called yesterday to be told that banking were agin looking into it. I again called them back and spoke to the supervisor who told me that I needed to fax through a copy of a bank statement to prove ample money was in the account. Again I did. He also told me that there had been problems at his end with the machines at the time of my call. Was told they would call me back. Again nothing. I called them back today only to be told that they are not refunding because it was now twice that it was rejected. Even though they told me it was once!!!! I was not happy with this and told them that I will be issuing court proceedings againt them for this as the mistake was at there end.


    As they payment was on my sisters card, she is conacting her bank to see if they did decline it for any reason such as wrong details entered etc.


    But what I think has happened is they have made a mistake and dont wont to refund me the money. I intend to give them 7 days as of tommorrow (via fax). But what I need is help in how I can prove they have made a mistake, or how I can get them to admit they made a mistake. Also who can I threaten them with as to their govening bodies?


    Please help


    Many thanks


  8. Hi herbie and all the others. Many thanks for the advice. I have written a letter to equita with postal orders for 108. and told them that I will not pay them rest as the baliff had admitted not not visiting.

    I have sent it recorded delivery. also will ring the baliff and tell hin I have paid to the head office. Only trouble though is there is two addresses on the letter, one to the payment department in Erith and another in northampton. do i send copies to both addresses?

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