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  1. It is linked, as everything was changed over. So you can see my chanhed address one the filesn, and the date we moved and its showing as linked.


    Very odd. Will have to pay another fee to search old address?

    If I was to sumbit to set aside the judgement based on my credit file, shwing I have no idea who they are and that I moved, do you think this is enough to have it set aside!


    Thing is the balance is for 313 so that will involve costs, so the acutal balance wouldn't have been that high.if I owed someone money I would have paid it.


    If my set aside isn't sucessful, how does the CCJ affect your credit. If I paid the full amount to clear, would I still have a massively negitive credit rating?





  2. HI All


    Been checking and trying to tidy up my credit file,

    and today just refreshed my credit file,

    only to find that a CCJ has been entered against me, at my old address,

    which i haven't lived there for approx 18 months!!!

    Registered in May 13 for £313


    I have no idea what this could be for or who it is.

    There was no reference on my file apart from CCJ entered and a court number


    What do i do!


    My file was starting to look healthy until this and now it has dropped right off the mark!!!


    Really narked about this.


    Help appreciated please

  3. Yeah not too bad thanks, will be nice one the weather warms up! funny that this time last year it was 16 to 17 degrees....if only this year!


    They sent a form for me to sign, with the designated branch to send through too. Will send it back with the note of the date i will go in and change it.


    Hopefully i will get details soon, so i can sort these MK people out. Been reading other posts and it turns out the have been up to this alot.


    Have you heard of anyone successfully sorting them out with removal of defaults?

  4. Hi Bridge, hope u had a good easter :)


    Got letter back today saying they have received my request. But it says because the address they have differs frm my home address I have to change it in branch? But as far as I'm aware I don't have an account with them. It aslo says that they cannot process without an address change. - can send you word for word if need be. Does that sound right?

  5. I am always wary of these agencies displaying 2nd hand data, Noddle is similar and often well out of date.
    oh no I used a rubbish one?


    Does that mean that they will be allowed to leave the default on there even though the origional debter didn't? That means that default will now be showing til 2014. That doesn't seem fair, can I do anything about it? Thanks for your help :)

  6. Morning all

    Having receieved a letter yesterday from this company about a HSBC debt, I checked my credit file and found they have been marking me as defaulted since last year! I have had no contact frOm HSBC, and the last payment made was 2006, and account show as closed with them in April 2007. This means that it would be off my file next month.

    How can they add this to my credit file without me knowing and showing me as defaulted? They have a default date of Sept 2008 on their entry.


    Any ideas how to deal with these people. Not happy to have this default come on my file, after some 6 years of no contact.


    All advise greatfully receieved :)

  7. HI



    Help rquired please. Having stopped using the club due to money trouble, we have now received an invoice for £600! from Bannatynes, staing that this is as per terms of the agreement. I looked at my agreement and there is no amounts on the invoice, or that the remainder of the membership would become due? I have no idea what the amount relates to.


    Can you help as they have stated breach of contact?


    Help please as im not sure how they can charge me £600 for services I havent used?


    help me please





  8. Good evening all


    I have a situation with Motorway direct and the cancellation of the policy. Through my finaince company they have advised no refund will be given so I would have to pay for a policy that doesnt cover anything.


    I can give full detials to someone who could PM me with advice, dont want to reveal all detials on forum (big brother watching) lol


    Thanks in advance for any help and advice

  9. Hi All


    I have a car on finance and


    we have paid 3 and a half out of a 5 year contract,

    and paid over 2 3rds of the amount due.


    We could afford to carry on paying the payement an the contract and the default notice which said if we terminated the contract we would have to pay £0.


    We wrote an officail letter asking them to cancel the contract and we would have £0 left to pay, agreeing for them to take the car back.


    We went it registered post, and got a confimation of delivery.


    This was 3 days before the date on the letter saying the contarct would be terminated.

    They didnt respond, and have now sent us a letter saying that we didnt reposnd

    and they have cancelled the contract and they are going to court to get a possesion order

    and we would have to pay the remained.


    When we spoke to the Finance company,

    they said because we missed a payment in 2009 even though we made an agreement to pay the arrears,

    this was when they technically cancelled the contract and this cancelled out the right to cancel the contract and pay nothing.

    But we never had a letter to say any of this,

    and the defaulkt letter said if you return the car you will pay nothing.


    My question is how do we deal with this from point on.


    We dont want to hand the car back if we still have to pay the amount owing, we may aswell keep it.

    But also does this actually ring true about the default cancels out our rights.

    And if they go for a possesion order are we notified of any court dates so we can attend?

    We offered lower payement but they wouldnt accept it.


    Help most appreciated, not sure what to do


    Thanks :)

  10. Hi All


    Advice needed please


    I am trying to help my mum, who is being harrassed by Capital one, and they are bulling her into paying more than she can afford.


    What we would like to do is freeze the account as she doesnt want to us it any more. Everytime she makes a payment they add charges because its not what they want her to pay. They are bulling her into making more payments than she can afford, and then they charge her which causes her to be more over!


    Is there any letter we can send them to freeze the account, and stop them doing this. All she can afford is £40.00 per month, and I have told her that if they ring her, to advise them that all correspondance should be in writing.


    Any help and advise is most appreciated Obi Wan!!!


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