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  1. This topic was closed on 03/06/19.

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    If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened.

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  2. Thanks Both for the quick reply!


    Cancellation was done in writing by email. when i sent the email i said i will send band back in the post. i had just paid one month payment with me not attending due to illness. 15th paid DD cancelled membership on the 18th.

    Note came back saying dont send band back as we dont issue them any more (didnt know that) and to fill in the cancellation form online to complete the cancellation. Went online saw that they wanted me to accept new terms, so read them through and it was:


    Cancellation – after the 4th month your membership contract will become rolling with a months notice required. As your membership is calculated in full months the following months payment will always be required. Eg, if your Direct Debit is due on 15th of the month and your cancellation is received on the 1st you will be required to pay 1 more full month. Cancellations must be notified by completing the cancellation form which can be found on our website under the FAQs heading.


    Payments not collected will result in a £10.00 administration fee plus the outstanding payment for the month. We will use a third party to collect any monies owed, this will result in further charges being added.


    We reserve the right to amend locations and times and will endeavor to inform you with sufficient notice. Regiment Fitness may also cancel a session in adverse weather conditions for the safety of our Members.


    We will give you at least 10 working days notice of any change in membership fees, as per the Direct Debit Mandate Guarantee.


    Cancelling your Membership


    If you wish to cancel or suspend your membership and have been with us for 4 full months, simply fill out the form below.

    Cancellation Form

    There is a 1 full month cancellation notice, we will notify you via email when your last direct debit will be. Once this payment has been made you can then cancel your direct debit.

    Payments not collected will result in a £10.00 administration fee plus the outstanding payment for the month. We will use a third party to collect any monies owed, this will result in further charges being added.


    My terms and conditions were nothing like that, no way would i have signed, all mine said was:


    To cancel send back your wrist band to below address, via recorded delivery. it takes 30 days from wrist band being received to cancel. Please make sure your covering letter has address


    i refused to fill in the form, as there was no way i was accepting that. But i know a few including my sister who didn't know any better and signed as they were told they had to otherwise they could not cancel!

  3. HI All


    I signed up to a boot camp, stayed for over a year then went through the cancellation process,

    which stated notify in writing and send back wrist band.

    No notification of a fee extra.


    I advised them due to health that i was cancelling, would send back the wrist bank,

    and i have just paid a full month so that was ok.


    They sent me a note back say they cannot accept my email as cancellation

    i would have to go online to their form and fill it in.


    Ok so got on there and filled in the form,

    then saw it wanted me to accept new terms and conditions on cancellation!



    No chance, so i got back to them said im not agreeing to new terms etc etc.

    they tried to threaten me with third party etc but i told them getting someone to change terms on cancellation so you can then get payments including and amin fee is unlawful.


    Can any of my CAG friends help with confirming the law on terms and condition changes,

    i believed we should have been notified and acceptance given.

    and that coercing people to sign on cancellation is unlawful.

    But need the correct legal bits


    thanks in advance

  4. HI all


    I have just checked my file and found that MKDP have added an account in MAy this year for a total £2441. No idea what it is for!!


    Account date states 2006


    This is the second time they have done it and im getting very tired of them messing with my credit file


    Is there anything i can do? I wanted to apply for a mortagate but this default has caused problems!



  5. I will get the agreement out and try and scan for you too read.

    They seem to be charging for charges on the account, warranty, car recovery and then repairing the car. Which i argued with them that nothing they stated was on there and i had photographic proof, so that dissapeared. Total is £1900, but i have gone over the VT point where you can hand back without any charges.

  6. Its from advantage finance.


    They are trying for charges, recovery of the vehicle and warranty.


    I have asked numerous times for account info.




    got court letter, s


    o I acknowledged,


    sent SAR and


    hen filed defence including in my defense that I filed SAR.


    So far nothing, letter signed for, and postal order sent.


    What happens if they don't reply?

  7. HI bridge hope all is well. Just wondered if you were in a position to assist with this. Checked my credit file and nothing from HSBC, it has dropped off my credit file. MDKP defaulting me from 2011, but its statued barred now and i would like them to remove all defaults


    its great that you can help, and Thanks again for you time, much appreciated

  8. HI Bridge

    Got everything from HSBC and there is nothing in there about default date. MKR sent me letter and again everything they had didn't show a default date. The HSBC data has now dropped off my credit file due to time and the MKR is still there with a default date og 2008, but this date refers to when they closed the case according to HSBC.


    what can i do to get them to remove the defaults on my credit history?



  9. HI All


    Newbie to Mobile phones section and just wanted to know what the actual legalities are for mobile phone contracts


    If they cancel your contract for non payment can they legally pursue you for the remainder of the contract, even though had i known this i would not have entered into a contract?


    I would have thought they could only pursue you for their out of pocket expenses for calls made etc?


    Brief desc is didnt pay a £100 bill, they cancelled contract and now i am faced with £700 bill from a debt company


    Any help or advise would be useful. I am happy to pay for what i used, but not remained of the contract as i will not benefit from a service



  10. Goldstar finance charge a carry over fee of £30 per £100 borrowed. They have failed to include these as payments against the account. Can I include this in a claim I have against them, as they have entered a judgment against me at my old address even though I have proof they knew my new address as they wrote to me!


    About to have it set aside and I want to show these as payments against the account? Any ideas please



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