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  1. This topic was closed on 03/05/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support their. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Directline offered me £760 after a non fault accident recently. I provided them with a number of similar cars I had found on autotrader within a reasonable distance from my house that I considered reasonable alternatives for the car which had been written off in terms of mileage, body work, repair etc. I managed to negotiate another £200. The guy I spoke to who was an engineer I think was pretty fair and said that they wanted to leave me in the same position as I was in before the accident. If what they are offering at the moment does not do this then contest it with evidence. Not
  3. Hi I had my car written off a couple of months ago and managed to get an extra £200 out of the insurance company for it as I was able to prove that I couldn't find a suitable car for what they were offering me. I collected evidence for what people were selling for on Autotrader and so did the assessor. They are supposed to leave you in the same position as you were before the accident happened so if you can't find a similar car in the same condition/mileage etc for what they are offering then tell them. They didn't want the service history either although we did have one. This was Direct
  4. Hi Tractor girl Not sure if it has been closed no fault-do we get a specific letter saying this. We had a letter saying the third party had admited liability We have received a cheque for our excess which has come from the Third Party. We are now going after uninsured losses so case is not closed just yet. C4C
  5. Hi guys All's well that ends well. My original policy was suspended until I informed them of my new car details although obviously I kept on paying the DDs. Marginally higher premium due on new car but apart from that no further issues and cover has been reinstated. I obviously got someone who couldn't explain the procedure properly when I called Directline initially. Thank goodness for you guys who were all extremely helpful!!! (And right of course!) Thanks again! C4C
  6. Thanks to all those who responded. I have now had a settlement letter from Directline which says "As your vehicle has been damaged beyond economical repair your insurance policy has been suspended. All cover under your insurance policy has has ceased until such time as the details of a replacement vehicle has been notified." So, I am now assuming that what I was told on the phone was wrong and that what I was advised here was right. Will let you know if Ihave any further problems. Thanks again!
  7. It does depend on what your contract says, you may be entitled to company sick pay which can be up to your normal salary for a certain period of time. Statutory sick pay has a waiting period of 3 working days which must be served before any statutory payment is made. It appears to me that your employer has instigated a "waiting day" on your company sick pay scheme, which they are entitled to do, in order to prevent the odd "duvet day" being taken as Matt suggests.
  8. Thanks for all your advice, hope that all works out as you have told me. Will let you know what happens next week when we have hopefully got the new car!!!
  9. Thanks for your responses, no we are not keeping this vehicle. We will be buying a new one this week and insuring it with Directline I assume. We have negotiated the settlement and so are now urgently trying to find a new one before the courtesy car runs out. Perhaps all this will be clarified when I insure the new vehicle?
  10. OK, now I am confused.......... Can I insure my new car on the same policy? What financial implications does this have for me as opposed to cancelling the policy and starting a new one and claiming back the unexpired part of the premium? Really thanks for your help, I am very very grateful. May not be able to reply immediately as am leaving for home shortly but will check over the weekend. C4C
  11. Hi Chris, Many Thanks for your advice.... Yes we are planning to replace the car within the next week and haven't received settlement yet, although have negotiated a figure today. So this makes a little more sense, effectively I will have 2 cars insured on the same policy as I would if say my husband and I had 2 cars? This would obviously be less than taking out a new separate policy. They were very clear that I couldn't claim a refund if I cancelled the policy. C4C
  12. Thanks for responses..... No, I have dealt with Directline on this. They didn't advise that there might be an issue re the premiums. Have I not gone about this the right way?- doesn't seem fair that I should be penalised for not knowing how to claim! They say that I can't claim uninsured losses for it as it doesn't count as an uninsured loss(?)
  13. Hi All Have used this site to claim back bank charges successfully so am hoping someone can help me with this or let me know what to do. We had a non-fault accident last weekend. Some idiot drove into our car when it was parked on the street. The 3rd party claimed responsibility so no probs you would think. Car is a total loss so am being compensated (fairly) reasonably by his insurance company. However I am told that as there has been a claim on the policy that I am still liable for the outstanding premium and must carry on my installments on my premium until the end of the po
  14. Ah but I found you through it so I'm sure many others will!!! Thanks
  15. Ah but I found you through it so I'm sure many others will!!! Thanks
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