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  1. Thanks for that, I will keep on at them. What about the CCA issue. I have read the OFT's report from a couple of weeks ago and it strongly suggests that once the balance has been paid and the account closed I am facing a serious brick wall on this one. Would you say that's the case?
  2. I have two issues with Egg and would love any advice people can offer. Firstly, I have charges. Total charges (late payment and exceeding credit limited ) plus interest is over £1200 from 2003 to 2009. I have written to them to reclaim everything as a starting point (not just the difference between that and the £12 per charge). They have offered me £126 so far. Secondly, from reading this forum I now realise the CCA may not be right as it was issued in late 2002 or early 2003. Questions are: What exactly can I claim for if the CCA is not enforceable? Is there any issue wi
  3. HSBC have responded today to my first letter. I am claiming £1847 and they have offered me £1490. Having read the stuff posted here over the last few weeks I know not to accept...but what do I do now? Can anyone advise???
  4. I wrote to HSBC (Bill Beamont in Leeds) on 30th August. Still no reply over 2 weeks later. Do I just send the second letter now?
  5. I've got loads of interbank payment charges at £20 a time for moving money from my account to my companies and when I moved money when moving house. Can I claim this back??
  6. 3G are gits! I don't know the answer but this might help! I was with 3G as a business customer and got out of my contract after 3 months because they kept breaching the contract. They ported my number from O2 and managed to set it up on someone else's phone so they got my calls for 2 days and they took £200 as a credit on the account so I could use the phone in USA and then still took the DD on the following bill. Go through the time she has been with them and find something that breaches there own agreement. There is bound to be something (there is with most companies). Failing
  7. I have recently applied for a joint account with my wife at LloydsTSB. I was told when I went in that they would not need to carry out a credit search on me as I was an existing customer with a personal account. They then carried out a search anyway and the account was refused (which I knew would happen). They say that the search was carried out as my personal account had been given an override decision a year earlier (I am director of a company that banks there too) and that 'the necessity for credit searches was explained to you for the account opening process to continue'...no it wasn'
  8. I did know that it doesn't store the information regarding whether it was accepted or declined, it was more the 'clutching for debt' aspect. If you have a search conducted for a car, as I did, and you turn down the offer and look elsewhere you will have another search conducted and the second company will see the first search. That, to me, suggests the first was declined or why would you be looking again. It is absolutely perseption rather than fact some of the time. The same with the bank, I now have to try another bank who will see a recent search from the first...what are they going to thin
  9. Does anyone know anything about credit searches??? Earlier this year I authorised a credit search for a new car but the garage tried to add on £1000 worth of credit insurance without mentioning it to me. When I spotted it and asked them to remove the search they replied that the search was authorised so it stood. OFT, Consumer Direct and Trading Standards couldn't do anything and even my local MP said I had authorised the credit search and had a choice whether or not to accept the credit. I wouldn't want to do business with anyone who tries to rip me off at the start! Recently mysel
  10. I have encurred a few hundred pounds in mortgage charges over the last couple of years with late payments. Can these be claimed back to? FYI: My last mortgage company was also my bank and I am already going to go after them for the account charges.
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