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  1. This makes sense Strawdog, thanks, is it an fpn or a pcn? But you could have a malevolent do-gooder removing peoples fcn/pcn's and putting them at risk if the law says issued means issued and excludes any argument. see what I mean. But then if they left it open to discuss I guess everyone and their dog would say they never got it or the wind dislodged it or a friendly kestral dive bombed it thinking it was a yellow mouse! HH
  2. the word was ASH, has it gon in the trash, or in the stew
  3. Flash the cash, pie & mash, stash trash, make a hash
  4. Recieved 'Notice To Owner' today 28/10 for PCN allegedly attached to car on 6th Sept. The issueing council forwarded me two images and these clearly show the ticket on the car and it position in a motorcycle bay. This was my daughters company car and her Mum and I were there. There was no pcn on the car upon our return and we all bear witness to this fact. There appears to be a valid contravention but what happens when a pcn is tampered with, removed by a third party or just disappears and thus not received? In this situation you have lost the chance of the discount period as you only get to hear about the contravention when you get the NTO. There must be some mitigation of the increased charge that occurs when they call it a late payment, when one has lost the discount charge offer due to the time lapse, which in our case was 7 weeks. Though the council willingly emailed the pictures thay have not emailed a copy of the pcn, which I am keen to examine!! Assuming the pcn is in order, what can anyone advise? HH
  5. Gr8 GM Good to keep an ace up ur sleeve!! The shock of sudden loss may make em think twice b4 takeing the next person to the cleaners. like to see their faces when you tell them, can u record the conversation? some answering machines have a call record. Have a good day H & H
  6. SPLAT - just landed! Hi GM, I think they would have a job to get the council to cough up for you. Surely a charging order is taken on the property owned by the 'debtor' and I expect the 1st charge holder (mortgage co) would have to agree to it i.e. there would need to be some equity in da hose. Comments welcome from any one who's had one of these imposed H & H
  7. Hi must jus pop in to comment. I believe ignoring is not the best policy, I would not wish to be ignor-ant. Any creditor legit or not will appreciate correspondence over silence, even when it makes em fume! (I've had to chase debts sometimes) Communication keeps the world turning. When I have tried ignoring creditors things jus seem to get worse and when I've communicated it all feels better even if its not!! Clear the head--get on paper Cheers H & H
  8. Thanks GM and Pq1 Well Pq1 the C.C.A has been dealt with and the response was, well, sort of BOG OF! we don't want to discuss this any more and we will default you soon. That reply is on the photobucket link with the other docs. Is the S.A.R you suggest different to the 1st letter I sent (on view above) with the £1 postal order? H & H
  9. Its better in even numbers so they say in china. there's glamour in dozens, 10's just seem well metric to me.:grin: Did I see you advisin in the benefits section as well, you must help lots of folks get sorted. Think I'll point my daughter toward the benefits posts, her hub is out of work and just signing on and they want this years self employed accounts and they are not done or due yet. I said they should accept the most recent years acc's. Keep a spare bottle on you at all times You never know u no who may want u no wat. BFN HH
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