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  1. hi there I'm had a few lease cars, and have suffered the slings and arrows of dealing with these guys when returning vehicles. This time I went to great lengths to ensure it went back pristine, having it checked over by a very experienced bodyshop who deal with the BVRLA guidelines all the time. On collection the guy gave me a docket that confirmed there was nothing outside the guidelines (and there wasn't). I then got the inevitable charge letter from LVM asking for £260 for damages. Their pictures were of poor quality, and during the discussion (via phone and email) I made it clear I would dispute their claim in court without hesitation. Today I got formal a "non-payment" letter. "Notice is given in compliance with Consumer Credit Act 1974 etc.." Annoyingly it states "We are now obliged by law to send you an arrears notice as you have missed at least two regular payments". I called them today and asked them to tell me what it refered to, the answer of course was the disputed damage. Not "at least two missed payments". I have asked them, as stated as my right in this letter, to "provide me with more information about which payments you failed to make". I want that in writing. My issue is this, they are treating this as a credit default in essence. I want to get it to court asap. So my question to you all is, how do I speed this up to a conclusion as I do not want this to become a credit default issue??
  2. Received my "Notice that Acknowledgment of Service". I also received my blah blah blah £660 in your bank, blah blah. Rejection letter(s) despatched etc. Schedules sent to court etc I expect further progress this moth.
  3. Just an update: Filed my Moneyclaim. Bank has til 7th March to respond.
  4. OK, I've received my "yadda yadda, no refund" letter from: Debbie Gilbert Team manager Customer Service Recovery Centre Andover So next up is the LBA. I will attach a copy of the charges (exactly as they were sent to me) and a copy of the Excel interest sheet total. 14 days, thens its back to the Courts for me
  5. Anyone see any issues with me adding this to my refund request letter: Further useful information for you I have already successfully fully reclaimed bank charges unconditionally elsewhere, and will do so with Lloyds as well. May I suggest that this is at the forefront of your mind when your reply. Elsewhere I also received costs, interest and additional monies for inconvenience. I will achieve this with Lloyds too. Please ensure that if your intention is to pass this to your solicitors that they are aware of these facts. Finally, please do not waste my time with the current policy of making a derisory offer of £750. This will automatically be answered with a Rejection Of Settlement letter.
  6. Thanks Barty! One other note, is it worth refering to my other successes (Cahoot etc) to ensure they understand they are dealing with a pro?
  7. after nailing Cahoot, I am now after the big fish. One question. For the last four years I have been charged a monthly "Account Charge" of £12, rising to £15. Can I include this in my claim??
  8. Abbopro

    Abbo vs Cahoot

    Team, Because I replied before seeing Jkop's reply :x ... I accepted £680 as total settlement. Banked and cashed :D
  9. Abbopro

    Abbo vs Cahoot

    Team, I have received an offer for £400 of my £800. I want to respond today, what shall I do next?
  10. Abbopro

    Abbo vs Cahoot

    Moneyclaim claim raised and entered.. I have sent Cahoot an email informing them of this, via my lovely new consumeractiongroup email address
  11. Abbopro

    Abbo vs Cahoot

    Hi Lou, Yup, they were replying to my LBA. So it's off to the courts we go! I will file my claim with Moneyclaim, and inform Cahoot that is the action I am taking.
  12. Abbopro

    Abbo vs Cahoot

    Hi All, I received my statements, calculated what I felt I could claim, and sent the letter.. This morning I received the following response by email. What is my next step?? Dear Mr. Absolom, > > I refer to your letter dated 24th August 2006 regarding your cahoot Current account. I have taken ownership of your particular case in order to provide a response to the issues you have raised. > > We do not accept that cahoot's charges are unfair under the Unfair Terms in Consumer Contracts Regulations 1999. The object of these Regulations was not price control nor were they intended to interfere with people's freedom to agree the terms of their contracts. > > It is well known that banks make charges and cahoot's charges are in line with those of other banks. The terms and conditions of the account and the charges that apply are clear and fair and were provided to you at the time you opened it. You freely agreed to the terms and conditions and the charges when you opened the account. You were not under any obligation to do so and could have gone to another bank if you did not agree to the charges. Equally, you are free to move your account to another bank at any time if you do not agree with the charges. > > In any event, we do not agree that the charges are disproportionate. The charges are reasonable and proportionate to the administrative costs incurred by cahoot. > > I am therefore unable to refund the charges you've incurred fully appreciating the disappointment this may cause. > > If you need anything further please do not hesitate to contact me. > > Yours sincerely > > Paul Evans > cahoot Service Relationship Manager
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