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    changing the letters

    Thanks!!! Thats all i asked!!!
  2. how do i change the letters so it referes to credit cards/store cards instead of bank accounts? I have found the template letters bit but seem to be worded more for the bank accounts.....do i still use the same letters? sorry if i sound a bit thick:confused:
  3. I put my claim inonline on sunday and I received a letter yesterday from the courts to say that my claim had been accepted and issued and that the defendant has until the 28th to respond........however after reading a previouse post...i'm a little confused. I read somewhere on this site that i didn't need to send the schedule of charges as if they are needed then the courts will ask for them so i didn't send them. Should I send them now with a letter attatched with my claim ref no and also do i need to send these charges to the bank too (the schedule of cherges including the 8% interest)??
  4. Hi...the 7th October is the day I file my claim as had no response to the LBA. I saved the spreadsheet to my pc and have calculated up the 8% interest..... 1) Will this update on a daily basis now so that on saturday it will have an extra 2 days clculations on it? 2) It states to send a letter to the bank again to let them know you have filed a claim with a copy of the schedule of charges....can you advise what letter I send and do I this time send a copy of the schedule of charges including the 8% interest? 3) the online claim form - do i send an attatchment with it like on e-mai
  5. I am claiming for £1407 of charges back.....I received a letter today from the Halifax offering me a whopping £80!!!!!.....WOW!!!!! how generous are they???? Yes please mr Halifax i'll accept that as full and final settlement.....NOT!!!! :lol: Just a quickie question...i'm obviously going to accept but as part settlement and will send that letter saying so but they sent an acceptance form for me to sign....do I sign this but just scribble out where they have typed 'in full and final settlement' and change it to 'in part settlement' or shall i just scrap this form and just send the lett
  6. My wife and I are both making seperate claims to the Halifax for Bank charges and have both sent off our Prelim letters requesting our money back.....my wife got the usual letter that everyone else seems to be getting saying ' i'm sorry to learn bla bla..... we're keen to deal with your concerns bla bla......a manager will investigate and will receive a reply in no more than 4 weeks'......she has now sent off her LBA. However my letter was different that I received back it is as follows....'Thankyou for you recent enquiry regarding charges incurred on your above numbered account. I regret
  7. I had a Halifax credit card and feel sure I got charges on that, however I changed it to a different credit card company and closed the halifax credit card account, and since then I have got married and moved house and also I dont have any documentation with the account number or credit card number anywhere!!! Is there any way I can get statements from them if I dont know the account number etc? I do have a bank account with them and so on the bank account it will have records of my maiden name and change of address....will they be able to trace the details? just don't know where to start wi
  8. :-? on the prelim and the LBA letters we give the bank 14 days to respond....is that 14 working days or 14days including sat and sun? Thanks
  9. I've sent the second letter off and am now waiting for the reply. My charges total approx. £650 over the last 6 years. How does this interest thing work and how do I calculate it?
  10. recently had my 4 year old corsa mot'd by Dixon's. Needed some electrics fixed and final bill come to £800 ish. Which was fair enough. When I collected the car I was told the drive shaft need to be done which they could do for approx. £200. I declined the offer. I then spoke to a family friend who was a mechanic as since the mot my car was making a noise as it was drove (Dixons said this was the drive shaft). The friend on hearing the description of the noise, said it was more likely to be the cv joint and he would take a look at some point. He looked over the car in his garage and
  11. Have you paid the outstanding amount? If you have, suggest giving them a call to discuss. As your near end of contract they may be able give a credit or something as goodwill.
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