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  1. Hi guys, just wanted to know if there is anything going on with regards to ERC's. I paid over £7k ERC to Accord Mortgages and I know that the advice is don't claim but is there any official investigation going on on this matter.
  2. Can someone please clarify can I claim for Inter Bank Payment charge.
  3. Sorry also want to know if you can claim for Inter Bank Payment Charge.
  4. Does anyone know if you can claim for Charge Renewal Fees please. I am just starting a claim on behalf of a friend.I've been refunded twice now by Lloyds TSB. Vikki.
  5. vikkijarda

    first plus

    Does anyone have any history with First Plus.I am about to take out a debt consolidation loan with them and just want to know if they an ok company to deal with.
  6. Has there been any progress on the ERC matter of late anyone know?
  7. Could someone please tell me where I address the SAR's letter to for Lloyds TSB credit cards. Thanks
  8. I sent my LBA for my second time of claiming on 26/2/07. I received a reply dated 2/3/07 saying they were looking into my complaint and would reply within 28 days. I didn't file my court claim after the 14 days due to lack of funds. I then received a letter from them dated 16/3/07 stating that they were prepared to refund £750.00 as a goodwill gesture but this did not mean that they considered they has a legal obligation to do so.It a the quoted all the usual about keeping within the limits etc. They stated that the £750.00 would be credited to my account within the next few days, there was no mention of final settlement or any condition nor did they want any agreement from me to accept this goodwill gesture. I then checked via the internet on 20/3/07 and there it was in my account but not the account that the claim related to. I then received a phone call on 21/3/07 in response to a message I left them on 20/3/07 apologising for the delay in getting back to me. They asked was I ringing regarding a refund of charges. I replied yes but I had now received thier written response and they goodwill gesture had been paid into my account. He was somrwhat surprised as his records did not show that a letter had been sent or a credit made to my account. Maybe I should have not told him I might have got paid twice. Incidently my claim was for £835.00. I am debating whether or not to continue with a court claim as as couple of other charges have benn added to the figure since my LBA.
  9. You wouldn't happen to be with Accord by any chance would you. Your circumstances sound the same as mine with Accord. Vikki
  10. Has anyone actually gone to court for ERC over £5k and won if so who & are the details on here. I am seriously thinking of giving it a go with Accord. I am certain I could put a good case in court in front of the Judges I deal with quite frequently in my job.
  11. Thanks for that Paul I will be keeping a close watch on this subject. If I find out any more I will let you know and would appreciate it if you do the same. I spoke to a District Judge on this subject and he is totally supportive of our situation. Maybe I will raise the subject with him again or with some of the other Judges I frequently deal with. Good luck and lets hope we can get justice from Accord soon. Vikki
  12. Can anyone tell me please whether I should try to reclaim from Accord the following: Admin Fee £50.00 Arrangement Fee £695.00 I had my mortgage with Accord Libor Rate and the repayments rose from £888.00 pm to £1399.00 pm within 2 years. I had no otpion in January 2007 than to change to another mortgage product with them because my credit rating wasn't looking great where I had been struggling to make my repayments. I did not miss any payments but change for 4 months to Interest only just to reduce my monthly outgoings. The above fees are what I was charged plus ERC of £7344.00. Are the circumstances different when claiming ERC if you have just switched products with the same company. Surely it is of no real loss to them as they still have your business. I also only had 19 years left on the mortgage I now have 25 years. Help please. Vikki
  13. Hi folks, just hought I would let you know that I spoke with a District Judge today about ERC and guess what it's happened to him to. He said how can they possibly justify these charges. He said the matter seriously needs looking into from a legal point of view. He said if a case is brought before him he would certainly not rule in the favour of the mortgage comapny. He said he is certain other Judges feel the same as he is sure a lot of them like him have or want to pay off thier mortages early. He advised me to read up on this and prepare my case thoroughly, he the the Financial Times have articles relating to this subject on the internet. Incidentally he is looking at getting his daughters Bank charges back. I think they may pay up quickly with letters signed in the name of Judge ---- . I can't mention his name or location for obvious reasons. But hell I think this is good news.
  14. Hi Paul I'm another victim of Accord with an ERC of £7344, Arrangement Fee of £695 and an Admin Fee of £50. Do you think there a chance of getting any of this back?
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