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  1. The Lloyds credit card debt is quite an old one. It's my fiances and I think he has had the card for about 3 years. The £600 has been paid off today and payment should be with the company in 5 days time. I don't know very much about requesting a CCA, but as I understand it I'd be requesting they prove documentary evidence that my fiance signed and returned a credit agreement to them and that it is also signed by one of their officers. Am I right? You mentioned that I could do this depending on the age of the agreement. What is the timeframe that we have available to contact them in
  2. Thanks for the advice Caro and Bazooka, you are both very helpful! The debts we have that we pay interest on are a credit card with 27.9% interest. This is only for £600 so should be off within a month, and credit card with approx £4500 on and pay interest of 7.9%. This is currently being underpaid with an unwritten agreement from the credit card company (Lloyds TSB) for £10 a month. This is the one that we want to get rid of ASAP because obviously the agreement is not legally binding and they could revoke it at any time. Also the interest is a stinger. The CCJ from HSBC is for £18,5
  3. I should probably clarify what I've written above as I've just realised I typed that I have a CCJ with DG Solicitors which isn't the case, they are acting on behalf of HSBC Ltd. Don't know if this will make any difference or not. Bazooka, thanks for the advice. I was pretty sure that they couldn't do this but needed some clarification. This isn't the first letter they have sent but I ignored the first one as our circumstances haven't changed. I am more concerned that now that our circumstances have changed for the better that they will insist upon legal action to change our payments
  4. Hi all, I've received a letter today from DG solicitors who my fiance and I have a CCJ with. The letter requests that we complete an attached income questionnaire and return it within 7 days with a view to increasing our payments. The CCJ was set for £10 each monthly and my fiance has just recently got a job after a long period of unemployment. We have prioritised our debts (sadly this is not the only one) and have decided to pay the ones with interest first as this would be the most cost-efficient way of paying them and would rather increase the payments to these debters instead of
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