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  1. good luck Elise Driver...I've just started with BC, so subscribing to your thread so that I can pre-empt their replies. Cheers Brad
  2. good luck BM...just started my claim with Barclaycard, so subscribing to your thread which should help me as I go along. Cheers
  3. ah..that would've been my next guess seriously, thanks for all the help. Without you shoving me I'd probably still be about to send off my LBA. Why do something today that can be put off until tomorrow or the day after. Really need to change that philosophy don't i?
  4. cheers red...feels like i'm being tag-teamed here!! you're not a teacher by any chance are you? UK...my cheque arrived yesterday, so if you wanna change this to *won*...I'll complete the survey and make a donation when it clears. Thanks
  5. hmmm just went to request judgement, but it says it's been defended and there's no further action I can take online. I haven't received a copy of the defence, but suppose that'll come shortly.
  6. no defence from Monument and their 28 days was up on the 19th, so I'm going to request judgement
  7. i think my masochistic tendencies are starting to show..... just typed up the prelim letter, gonna post it off today. Trying for CCI at their purchase interest rate to me (a whopping 29.9%), they've been dicks in the past, so would be good to take them to the cleaners. This is how I've worded the prelim...does this sound ok? I know, I should put it in my Barclays thread, but reckon I'll get more sense out of you two: I calculate that you have taken £801 in unlawful charges from my account. In addition to this, I also request that you refund me £1,608.21 in compounded contractual interest, which I have calculated at 29.90%, as set out in the attached schedule of charges. I believe this rate to be justified under the principle of mutuality and reciprocity; it is based on your standard rate for purchases that is applied under the terms of the above-mentioned account. I also request the return of my £10 SAR fee. Therefore, the total amount I am claiming is £801 + £1,608.21 + £10 = £2,419.21. I enclose a schedule of the charges applied for which I am claiming with this letter.
  8. Hi Doo, I'm sure you're right, the purchase interest is definitely lower than the CCI, but once I got the letter from them I started re-reading every correspondence that I'd had with them and thought for the sake of about £350 it wasn't worth the risk of going to court and giving them a slight loophole. Are you going for CCI with Barclaycard? How have you worded the preliminary? Keep redrafting as I'm never totally happy. Typical bloke eh?
  9. cheers sonja...just about to start with Barclaycard gotta make sure I word everything correctly...that one'll be kinda personal hehehehe
  10. Hi Sonja…sorry meant to post on here….I’ve had a response from them, denying the contractual claim, but offering 8% interest + all the interest that I’ve been charged + court fees + all the charges, works out about £300 or so less than my claim. I’ve decided that I’m going to accept it (I know, I know) based on the following: 1) When I initially set out, I’d have been happy to get the 8%, so the interest charged on top of that is something of a bonus 2) In my original letter I said that I’d be claiming “interest charged” rather than interest I’d be charging, so wouldn’t want the claim to be thrown out on a technicality 3) If I had to attend court I’d have to take a day’s holiday, which would effectively cost me about £200 or so + travelling Just waiting for the cheque to come through and I can make a start on my others (mwah ha ha) This has taught me a lesson though, I’m going to re-read everything in future before I send them out so that they’ve got no excuses whatsoever. Thanks for all your help on this and no doubt I’ll be hassling you in the future regarding the Halifax Credit Card. Cheers Brad
  11. a letter from the bank you DON'T mind getting eh? Enjoy the money Deb and congratulations again
  12. I did the same as Doo (did the same as doo....does that read right???) I've filed at court at my monthly purchase rate, but haven't heard back from them yet (apart to say that they're defending)
  13. ok...about to start with my preliminary letter to Barclaycard, am going for CCI at their purchase rate (29.9% eeek), which takes the total claimed from £801 to £2,345....
  14. i've still got halifax CC, Bank of Scotland Mastercard AND Barclaycard to do I've got my statements from Barclaycard and that's a fair bit, but still need to send SAR to both Halifax & Bank of Scotland
  15. cheers sonja...that does make sense changing the subject totally (unusual for me), did you manage to win the Halifax Credit Card? I know you asked for judgement... Cheers
  16. just fill in the notice of issue that I received from the court? will that cause any problems if they DO reply between now and then though?
  17. was served on 18th May, so they have until 15th June to submit their defence just about to PM you with the claim number if that's ok UK???? cheers
  18. yeah, sent it on the 12th and they received on the 14th. I'm such a procrastinator.... must do something about that....one day
  19. does seem to be a while ago...the cheque was cashed on 21st May, and I got their notice that they intend to defend on the 26th May, so I'd imagine it would be issued around the 22nd/23rd
  20. i'd imagine it'll be about two weeks time, probably about the 11th June (ish) but I'll need to check for definite Don't think I've got my CCA, that's what I was worried about....there is no debt on the card anyway, but didn't want to give them any "wriggling room"
  21. erm...good question...i'll have a look later when I get in and post it up here. I've also got to PM a Mod with the claim number, so hopefully that'll remind me to do that. did you send a copy of your CCA with your particulars of claim to the court?
  22. wish i shared your confidence....still, come this far
  23. received notification from court that monument intends to defend all the claim...ho hum
  24. eek....received notice from the court that cap one intend to defend all the claim fun & games on the way.....
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