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  1. LBA went off yesterday *whistles*


    couldn't post it Friday because of the post strike and didn't really have a chance to get out till Wednesday and the post office was shut in the afternoon...grrrrr so sent yesterday


    still, at least it's gone eh?


    don't shout at me!!!!

  2. cheers Shane, didn't claim contractual as it was a few years since i've used the card, so decided that if i got back the charges and simple 8% interest it'd be good enough.


    they didn't bother with their defence until after the deadline, but seemingly that didn't matter with the court *sigh*

  3. received letter telling me they've paid the difference between the charges and the £12 they're "allowed" to charge and refund will show on my next statement. LBA going off tomorrow, can combine the rejection letter with it.


    see sonja...i'm being good now

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