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  1. that's what i was led to believe Noomill; that credit card penalties are a different kettle of fish to the bank charges. That is correct isn't it? *he says confidently*
  2. no worries....shame that I couldn't find any though did you file at court yesterday, or you getting as bad as me? *taps foot*
  3. good luck paint...i'm just behind you again (ooh errr) 80's???? bit before my time i'm afraid *whistles*
  4. cheers paint...always a pleasure
  5. sorry to butt in Alan, but are they "staying" credit card claims too? I thought it was just bank accounts
  6. Hi PB...no luck I'm afraid, got t's & c's for my providian card from 2000 and also something called "the associates" (whoever they are), but nothing from barclaycard bloody useless aint she? no wonder I binned her
  7. Hi Doo....yeah...they're looking after me...good girls aint they? someone needs to give me a metaphorical kick up the ass to keep me going
  8. cheers roger...a good read i bet when people heard they could claim costs they were begging to go last!
  9. i may have PB...i'll have a butcher's when I get home and let you know my ex-girlfriend (bless 'er) was much more organised than me and used to file stuff like this away
  10. well done Doo. Yeah, took the offer they gave me, charges, court fee, 8% interest + all purchase interest they've charged me. Was quite happy with that. it certainly makes a refreshing change for women to be stalking me anyway!
  11. i know....must be because I wear Lynx
  12. stupid question i know, but is this just barclays, or do they deal with Barclaycard as well? I'm a while away yet, LBA only went in last week, but just like to be forewarned cheers
  13. logging onto your one paint...think we're at about the same stage my lba went off last thursday
  14. Hi Doo...hope you're ok sorry...been so busy trying to get away from Sonja & Paintball that I've forgotten to find out how you're doing. Am I right in thinking that you've won?
  15. feels like it sometimes....
  16. LBA went off yesterday *whistles* couldn't post it Friday because of the post strike and didn't really have a chance to get out till Wednesday and the post office was shut in the afternoon...grrrrr so sent yesterday still, at least it's gone eh? don't shout at me!!!!
  17. cheers Shane, didn't claim contractual as it was a few years since i've used the card, so decided that if i got back the charges and simple 8% interest it'd be good enough. they didn't bother with their defence until after the deadline, but seemingly that didn't matter with the court *sigh*
  18. received letter telling me they've paid the difference between the charges and the £12 they're "allowed" to charge and refund will show on my next statement. LBA going off tomorrow, can combine the rejection letter with it. see sonja...i'm being good now
  19. Received notice that it's been transferred to local court and they have dispensed with the AQ. Suppose it's just waiting now.....
  20. ha ha....method to the madness eh? I know...I'm sick and wrong....you're not the first to say it and no doubt won't be the last
  21. two stalkers??? both women??? all of a sudden life isn't quite so bad at all
  22. now who's the stalker? i know...was gonna send it last week, but wanted to add this months statement interest etc onto the spreadsheet
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