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  1. What do you mean? What do I do? I feel I have no where to turn I have a disabled wife who is currently undergoing cancer treatment and this is the last thing I need right now
  2. Hi DX100uk, These people are a nightmare, I am not sure what I am looking for in a CCA which would make it legally binding etc. I will try anything to prevent these from getting anymore from me, I have been honest with them and always paid. What should I be looking for in the CCA
  3. Hi all, I am looking for some advice after receiving a letter from Mortimer clarke solicitors on behalf of ME III for an old credit card. Over four years ago I had a letter from MC and I sent in a income and expenditure form and offered £10 per month as payment. I have been paying this without fail but today I got a letter saying that they think I can afford more and that if I do not phone them they will take legal action. My family offered to lend me £1500 towards the debt but the debt is £8800 and they refused it as full and final settlement but accepted the £10 per month. They kept sending me letters saying they would clear the debt for 50% of the outstanding amount but I am unable to get any loans etc. I can't afford to pay anymore and I will not phone them. What are my options - shall I just chance it and go to court? Shall I offer the £1500 again (I will need to see if my family can still help me with this) I am just so worried. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi There, I am need advice on this one. I have today received a letter inside it contained two pages one from welcome dated 20/6/14 saying they have sold my debt and another page dated 22/07/14 from Aktiv saying they have bought my debt. I have been making regular payments although the account is in default, and now I find out that they have sold my debt. I am trying to consider my options on this one as I know I will get threatening phone calls / letters. My first thought is to do a CCA request and my next thought is to go straight in to do a SAR as I believe that this debt is unenforceable. I dont know what the protocol is when a company sells your debt, but I am sure that it is not to send you two letters in the same envelope with one saying it has been sold and the other saying it has bought it. I have claimed back my PPI on this account although I do think I was done out of money because the way in which they presented the figures were very obscure. However that aside What should I do first?
  5. It was in their letter when they replied to my proof of debt letter
  6. Hi All, I have been getting letters from Hillesden securities saying that they are chasing a debt from Lloyds. I asked for proof of debt and they sent me statements from lloyds. The statements showed no payments being made just charges for being overdrawn. The account was put in default in March 2008 however I was unaware of this default. I have not acknowledge the debt and I have not made any payments to them for over six years. It does not show on my credit file. They have now sent the account to a DCA which is MBA, what should I do?
  7. They are refusing my cheques now they have terminated my contract and now using a tracing service to get me phone number even though I had wrote to them asking to put everything in writing I feel as if I am being bullied by these clowns
  8. Well this company contacted myself and caught me a bit off guard. It turns out these are working on behalf of welcome finance who they put me through to without my knowledge. I complained about the underhanded tactics and that I have already told welcome that all contact is to be done in writing. The guy from welcome said I just want to sort out repayment of the loan, to which I replied I have been making payments and yet you fail to cash them. I asked for the address of the Data controller who I should send in a SAR and he went to give me a P.O.box address, I said that I wanted a correct address one that is listed on with the ICO, he said I can give you head office address but if I send it there then it will not get dealt with. He now was me to complete another Income and expenditure sheet and I have to submit copies of my bank statements etc. I would rather go to court than agree with these clowns.
  9. Hi All, Welcome finance have wrote to me to inform me that they have terminated my contract and that I have to pay £4960 or it will be sent to a DCA. What can I do? please help
  10. I have heard that these people phone neighbours as well I don't want this to happen are they allowed to do this?
  11. Hi All, I have received a letter sorry a note from Hillside saying that I have a message waiting for me and I am to contact them within seven days otherwise the message will no longer be available. I am fully aware that these are a track and trace, DCA company. They have also telephoned my home asking to speak to me but I wasnt in. I am at a lost as far as I am aware I have no outstanding debts that I am not dealing with already. So do I contact them or not ? I know the bank and a mobile phone company have wrote to me after having defaulted my accounts back in 2008 despite no payments being made for over 6 years and no default notices received. I could certainly do with some advice on how to tackle this one. Oh I almost forgot Welcome have also terminated my contract after refusing to cash my cheques for payment as they wanted a direct debit set up, but I have a basic bank account due to my financial status. So does that mean they need to stop processing my data in accordance with DPA. Sorry for all the questions but I dont know which way to turn. thanks in advance
  12. I have no firm evidence however I believe it to be around April 2007 any money moved in or out of the account
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