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  1. i've followed all the steps and received an offer of £250 of my claim for £830 plus interest i sent my letter rejecting the offer by fax and knowing how they can be i thought id phone to check it was received to avoid further stalling amazingly they had 'lost' my fax and advised me to post it which i did ,throughout the phone call the woman i spoke to assumed that my fax was an acceptance of the offer and when i put her right she tried very hard to scare me from following the claim through as it would definitely be a full and final offer with no room for negotiation and that barclays always
  2. i did just that and was given my account details i felt quite chuffed at my cover story ,i told them that i was looking into paying off the outstanding balance on this very old account the very nice lady on the other end was extremely helpful and couldnt wait to give me my account number, DPA letter is in the post !!!
  3. around 3 years ago i had a barclaycard which cost me a fortune in charges i've made a claim for my barclays bank account charges which is looking like being successful and now id like to go and get back the money from my credit card charges how do i go about getting the details of this old card when ive no old statements or letters ?
  4. ok progress so far i've sent off the data protection letter, received my statements ,totted up the charges and sent off the spreadsheet just under £1000 ,i then got the stalling letter saying they aim to deal with the complaint within 4-8 weeks now today i have been sent a letter saying they accept no responsibility and i should have known better and that i was made aware of all charges when i opened the account but heres £400 for your troubles yaaaaay £400 is a nice figure and i'd take it right now but as things stand i am £150 overdrawn on the account they have want to pay the mo
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