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  1. I doubt your petition will get you anywhere. The government are quite well aware of the short comings of the nhs and are doing all they can to give people access to nhs dentistry. I manage 2 practices in scotland, one fully private and one nhs. We have 3 dentists in the nhs practice and yet everyday we have up to 45 mins in wasted appointments. I know this is the same all over the uk. People that have access to nhs dentistry are abusing it and this leads to longer waiting times etc. I believe that the government is doing everything it can to help people get an nhs dentist bu
  2. hi, I have a bank of ireland account and they never inform you of a missed direct debit yet still charge for it. You cant even see the charges when you go online to look at your account. I find this incredibly frustrating and i'm glad its not just me its happened to
  3. I have printed off the court forms for a small claim in Scotland. I want to word it correctly and I'm appealing for help from all succesful claimers! What Shall I write in the "State details of claim here" Box? I am claiming £480 plus 8% interest. I'm still mad that I've paid them interest on the whole amount owing on my account even though the interest has been acrued on the total amount which is wholly made up of charges. Any help appreciated
  4. i'm claiming everything back. they ofered 12 quid charges and wanted to pay ,me the difference. i told them to forget it and get me all of my money back
  5. got my letter from the imfamous mr udday. How kind that he is offering me £230 as a gesture of goodwill given that I have been so silly with my account and ignored the credit and charges agreement stating the cost of not running my account properly! I am telling him that I would prefer the full amount that has been stolen from me and I will settle for nothing less. Cant wait now!
  6. I got this letter today as well and you cant accept the claim as partially settled. They state that they will pay it into your account when they receive the signed enclosed form that basically says you are happy with the amount being offered. Why take the risk of accepting anything just now when you will get the whole lot back in a few weeks plus costs.
  7. yes you can, you write to the collection agency and tell them that you are disputing the debt. They will send it back to cap one and off you go from there. send your letter to cap one before you contact the dca so that you are being truthful when you tell them its in dispute
  8. the point is that we need our own section so that new people will register here that are banking in NI. I didnt register here for ages because NI banks didnt get a mention. I went to penaltycharges.co.uk because they did. In anwser to the question on Scotland forum, I read it all the time as does my other half. We have different laws in NI and the site "helpers" give advice in all of the boards. Plenty of people will use it. Its off putting trawling through thousands of posts in the hope of finding one to help us!
  9. agree strongly, let the media know!! Its in the public interest and you might even get paid for your story
  10. I wouldnt agree to pay anything for the floor as you are entitled to leave the flat having caused reasonable wear and tear. If a heel mark in the floor is the only problem then I would think that is fine. Can they prove it was one of you that did it and not a cleaner or anyone else?
  11. fantastic news!!! northern treated my sis like dirt years ago. i hope you will be reporting them to the ombudsman for closing your account!! Make sure you get it in the papers ie belfast telegraph and my friend stephen moore at the sunday world may well be interested in a story on it too. Give them a call and see. you can also mention that this site helped you and it wll help thousands of others to know about it. NI people are left out a bit as we dont know where we stand with the banks there. I'm thrilled for you and its well worth celebrating. x
  12. I dont intend to have any bank charges ever again as I now have some savings and will endeavour to make sure that my account always has excess funds in it. however, if I do incur any charges that are unlawful then I shall definatly take steps to recover them. At least I will know in future that if I see a charge, I can dispute it immediatly and have the weight of the law behind me. When I was opening the account the lady didnt give me the leaflet with charges on and she said when questioned, that the bank were holding out for the oft ruling in may next year. I dont know if she w
  13. if you do a search on my name you will see the thread that I initially wrote about claiming back charges from them. They werent charges I had accrued but the result of unauthorised direct debits being taken by paypal. The bank was totally in the wrong charging me and I wrote to their cheif exec about it. The £380 charges were dropped and they closed my account even though there had been no wrongdoing by me on the account! We opened parachutes with Clydesdale just in case and got maestro on the basic account and were delighted with their treatment of us. I'm going to lo
  14. Clydesdale are now giving maestro to all account holders including basic accounts. We set up 2 accounts as parachutes and they told us that they were now giving maestro cards. Its not advertised but handy if you thought you were gonna be stuck with a visa electron card
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