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  1. Thank you and yes you were right, however, I’m still raising a complaint. at no time did Citibank inform me that there was an issue and why. when I called them they were unclear about what was happening and unhelpful. this has caused me huge stress, and I have fibromyalgia so stress causes my pain to flare up, so I’ve been bad for two days now. obviously my illness isn’t their fault but not being able to deal with customers with concerns adequately is. thank you to everyone who responded. I really do appreciate your help.
  2. The DWP won’t help as according to them they’ve made the payment, and it’s the bank who has the money and they need to put it in my account. ive raised a formal complaint via secure messaging on the online banking and if it’s not in tomorrow I’ll ring again. trouble is I really found it hard with the call handlers, they didn’t seem to comprehend this was coming from DWP. ive sent all the references from the last payment so I’m hoping they can trace it. there was no sense of urgency with them and they had no idea why there was an issue. I’ll escalate it if no joy. I’m really surprised there’s nothing on social media, only seen one other person who hasn’t had their pension payment
  3. Hi is anyone else having an issue where a payment they were expecting is not showing in their bank? my ESA should have been in my Citibank acct on 2 Jan 2020, it’s still not there DWP have twice confirmed they sent it and it’s been accepted by the bank. i can’t get any sense out of the call handlers, they keep asking what bank is the payment from and I keep telling them it’s from the U.K. govt. ive referred them to the previous payment for reference purposes. ive seen nothing much on social media apart from problems with fast payments at Lloyd’s (Citibank did use Lloyd’s for depositing cash as no branches in Manchester) I’m getting increasingly worried as I feel so helpless, ill ring the bank again tomorrow but to be honest it feels pointless as the call handlers are not understanding what I’m saying. anyone else having problems?
  4. Ok I’ll stick to sending SAR to BC and see what that brings thank you very much for your help and advice
  5. I’m tempted to write to them stating I won’t be paying as in my opinion the debt is statute barred, and unless they can prove otherwise, they need to stop trying to recover. This should at least give me the date on which the debt will become statute barred if it’s not already because they can’t prove it isn’t. I will SAR BC
  6. If the last payment was 29/07/14 (which they have provided no proof for) then will the debt be statute barred this year, six years after that? i do not think I’ve acknowledged the debt since then? should I keep asking for documentation?
  7. If the last payment was 29/07/14 (which they have provided no proof for) then will the debt be statute barred this year, six years after that? i do not think I’ve acknowledged the debt since then? should I keep asking for documentation?
  8. That was probably me misinterpreting the advice, as I had no paperwork to rely on I had no idea when the default happened and when the debt was passed on.
  9. I want to change my bank account because my current one is rubbish I’m not bothered about my credit record for getting overdraft or loan, just need a basic account. if they’ve informed me the debt is legally enforceable but they’re still going to chase me for repayment when does that tip over into harassment? im thinking of writing to them stating I will not be paying the debt as it’s legally unenforceable and if they continue to hound me I will write to the FCA
  10. are there any downsides to ignoring? They aren’t allowed to phone me because I’ve got serious mental health issues, and I’m happy to keep putting the letters in the bin. I could do with changing my bank account though so I’d rather not have anything on my credit record.
  11. Hi can anyone make sense of this because I can’t. i got a pre court form from Cohen solicitors/hoist finance relating to an old Barclaycard debt I thought was time barred. following advice from here, I sent back form asking for more info, stating time barred and did a SAR to Robinson Way. Didn’t get a response within 30 days but following that got a letter saying they were still looking for information and all action on the account held. just received a letter today (no copies of any original documentation though) that states: we would like to now confirm the following details we hold for you which we hope resolves your dispute: your account was passed to Hoist Finance UK holdings 1 limited on 26/07/17 the last payment on your account was for £25 on 29/07/14 (I dispute this and I’m going to ask for proof) your default date is 26/02/12 your current balance is £5925 your account was opened with the original client on 30/11/01 none of the above has any documentary proof enclosed. As we have not been able to provide all details specific to your dispute we have marked your account as unenforceable, meaning we will not pursue any legal action, and informed our client to remove any reporting on your credit file, this will be actioned within 30 to 40 days. the above account remains outstanding, and we want to work with you to agree an affordable arrangement based on your individual circumstances. Remember that making regular payments towards your account means that: every month you make a payment your debt owed to us reduces and you will not receive collection letters and calls asking you to start paying (sounds like a threat to me) they go on to say they may be able to offer a reduction on the amount I owe and to call them. account on hold for 14 days after which collections activity will resume. so they’ve told me the debt isn’t legally enforceable but they still want me to pay, is that right or am I misreading this? I’d appreciate some advice as I’m currently on ESA and PIP as had to give up work due to ill health and I can’t pay this. im thinking of going back and asking for copies of documentation backing up their dates and information because I’m pretty sure the last payment on this account was 2012. any advice gratefully received as CAB, debt advice in my area is totally backed up with long waiting lists. thank you
  12. I'm in the same boat, got awarded support group November 17 got ESA50 form Oct 17 and now assessment end of this month. I'm thoroughly fed up, the stress of the assessment makes me very ill and its unnecessary I'm not going to get better. In fact I'm worse, got four hospital referrals on the go currently. It's just designed to make you give up
  13. In relations to the overpayment it is £443 about one months wages, I did not know I had been overpaid as apparently when I started I was paid in advance, I just thought it was money I was due. I finished work on 7th January and was paid on the 10th. I did not contact M&S they contacted me. As regards my accident, I came into the staff part of the premises (reception area) before my shift started and slipped on a wet floor, someone had spilled something by looks of it - there were no signs up as they had not been aware of it before I fell. I was told to wait on the floor until a first aider came which I did and therefore I assume it was put in the accident book at the time. I did hurt myself, I hurt my hamstring at back of my leg and had to go to doctors and had a few days off work. I did want to take it further but was put off my a fellow employee who said I would pay for it in the long run if I won my claim and that M&S are famously litigious and would fight me all the way. I am so sorry now I didn't claim. Not sure if I still can, can't remember the date but would be able to find out off my GP as it will be on my record. I am going to do a SAR to M&S for all my employee records etc to ensure this pay thing is right. I used to do a lot of extra hours and they were renowned for 'forgetting' to pay them. I was happy there until I got a new manager and section co who I feel persecuted me to manage me out. There had been a lot of sickness in my dept, my previous mgr had gone off with cancer, and other members of staff had had time off for various stuff. They wanted to up the figures and I guess I was the easiest to get out with my anxiety and depression. I realise what you have said re defending is not good news, so what do I do? I really am not up to going to court to defend myself currently, am on medication and under care of my GP and consultant, will they postpone the case until such time as I am well enough or will I have to do it? I am going to see the mental health team near me for advice as I'm sure they've come across this before. I do feel that M&S actions are making me ill so could I counter claim? What is the time limit for claiming for the accident?l
  14. Hello in January 2012 I had to give up my part time job at M&S due to ill health, I was suffering anxiety and depression and joint pains. I got a new manager and section Co and they basically forced me out by being unsympathetic and behaved 'appallingly' to me according to M&S own counselling service. When I said I wanted to leave due to my depression I was told I only had to give one week notice which I worked, nobody mentioned any money. I had had a fall in work on wet floor and injured myself but didn't take it further as wanted to keep my job. I was paid the week I left and a few weeks later I was sent a letter saying I owed them that months money back. I challenged this and told them I had no income (as had been turned down for ESA) so couldn't pay it back. They then referred it to a solicitors who have hounded me ever since despite my husband writing to them and telling them I am suffering from anxiety and depression under care of consultant psychiatrist since February, next appointment November. I have now received a summons for the amount plus interest. I now get benefit but as my husband is self employed and struggling at the moment all my money goes to mortgage and bills and I can't pay this amount in full. We did approach capuk about debt counselling but because I wanted my husband to deal with it on my behalf they wouldn't see him only wanted us both and to be honest I am not up to dealing with my debts currently. I have other debtors who have accepted this but not M&S I am livid about this, I feel they are hindering my recovery as this is causing me so much stress. Also it must have cost M&S more in solicitors fees than the debt of £440! What can I do? I am going to contact the court on Monday to say I am too ill to defend and send medical evidence off, proof of my consultant appointments and letter from GP I am seriously considering going to the press about this, the money owed is a miniscule drop in the ocean to M&S and I feel their behaviour is appalling. This could drive me to consider self harm if not resolved quickly it is the last thing I need when I am so ill. Any suggestions and is going to the press a good iidea to get them to back off?
  15. Despite me telling them I could only pay £200 and having that set up as my monthly payment they have taken £341 today leaving me not enough money to pay my mortgage. This is making me ill now and I don't know what else to do, any ideas?
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