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  1. Hi, keep going wth it, step by step. The reply letters can be fairly off putting and full of jargon but you'll get there in the end. Yorkshire bank agreed to settle the full amount of charges (over £700) with me but only after I got as far as the small claims court, and as a cost saving measure without prejudice. Shell19
  2. Wow, I've got to say I'm impressed with how straight forward it has all been. I went through the different steps all the way to registering with the small claims court. After receiving a letter where they stated they would be putting in a defense Yorkshire Bank have agreed to re-pay over £700 in charges plus my small claims court costs. Of course they say it is a money-saving exercise and not that the charges were unfair, but I'm delighted. Thanks for all your assistance. Shell19
  3. Hi, I have reached the stage where I now issue a claim against the bank (Yorkshire) in the small claims court after allowing them 14 days to respond to my last letter. They did respond, refuteing the claims. However I've just realised that there is an error in the schedule of charges I sent the bank and I have over-estimated the charges I am claiming by £56. I replicated some of the charges from 2 different accounts. Can I still proceed to the small claims with the corrected details or do I have to start to whole thing again? Michelle
  4. Hi, thanks for your response. I've listed all the charges they have made and then used the spreadsheets to calculate the 8% interest since the charge. I have then asked for the total of these to be refunded. is this correct, or have I got confues along the way? michelle
  5. Hi, I am at the stage of sending the letter to the Yorkshire bank to reclaim the charges with the spreadsheets of charges and interest. Where is the best place to send them? my local branch (which has shut down but is covered by another branch or head office? Michelle
  6. Hi, I thought the same but have just got my bank statements returned and have accrued over £700 in charges! which is much more that I thought.
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