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  1. I found a good site called [removed] , you can make your own agreement with their software and ,id it is a really easy to use site.
  2. I paid to have a company from Leyland Preston fit 27 windows in five years ago and received a FENSA certificate after a year of asking for it, about 1 month ago the both windows in the front of my bay windows became misted I called and called the company who promised and promised to come out and never did . I then rang last month to be told that the company had gone bust, the guy who answered the phone pretended not to be the guy who fitted my windows and flatly denied he was the same guy. The company has now set up in another name annoyingly using the same initial as the guy who fitted my windows , in the same factory using the same number, but still denying it is him. He gave me the number of the liquidator but I think I will just being fobbed off. I rang FENSA and they were useless asking about insurance did not have a clue what the guy was on about, as far as I remember I did not get any insurance just the certificate. I am fed up looking out of misted windows and sick of cowboys who are allowed to carry on despite do a rubbish job, what is the point of having FENSA if they don’t do anything, can anyone please advise me of the best thing to do in this case.
  3. try calling these they are free, and if you click the link you will find one near to where you live Community Legal Advice - free legal advice for residents of England and Wales, paid for by legal aid
  4. Hi try this link, they have a contact section so perhaps you could seek advice directly from them as to the best courser of action. Employment Tribunal
  5. Is it possible under the Freedom of information act, to find out if a local authority have reached a compromise agreement with an ex employee. Don't know whether just the fact is was issued would be allowed under this as I could not see the content being agreed. anyone know
  6. I have been suspended and have handed in my notice, I met to discuss a way forward and told them I wanted to seek a compromise agreement as I could not return due to the way I have been treated. They said they could not do this as it was a safe guarding issue, and if I continued with my notice they would write on my reference that I left during and investigation ( it has not lead to disciplinary , but I have been told by someone connected that the organisation are out to get me) . I feel as if they are trying to bully me into staying to stop me pursuing constructive dismissal and my fate is sealed already, and would rather leave than be dismissed. My now ex head of service left recently under very shady circumstances, and I know he was able to obtain a compromise agreement from them, so HR are telling lies. Couple of questions I will take this to the tribunal but prior to this could I send a freedom of information request to have them confirm that they agreed to a compromise agreement. Given it was my head of services instructions I was acting could I call him as a witness, given this compromise agreement is in place. They have also said I need to work my notice, I said no I don't I have walked, they have asked me to go away and consider it very carefully and if my termination still stands I am contracted to work my notice. ( I wont be) Please help I really need some advice as I need to respond very quickly
  7. Hi dont know if this is any better will download photbucket when I get home later if not Carolyn page 1 001.doc page 2.doc page 3.doc page 4.doc
  8. Hi I looking for some help I got myself into some serious debt a few years ago, and had to take out a very big loan (75K) secured against my property, to get myself out of the mire. The loan will go on for year and years, and I have been looking at all the cases currently on CAG, and would like to know is this enforceable, ad it does not appear to have the prescribed terms etc. Can anyone offer me any help!!
  9. I had this happen to me, and over a complaint I had lodged which they chose to ignore ( they paid money into my account in error and demanded it back, closing down my overdraft and causing me no end of grief) I tried for months to sort it and I sent them a harrassment letter and told them I would only deal with them via mail. It stopped for a little sse to ingore. Then they tarnsferred my account to metropolitan and gave me a default for the gesture. I told them tehy coudl nto do as the account was ind dispute, they discagreed I then sent a SAR, and requested for records of all call and there trarnscripts ( they say they record their calls). And asked them to explain if they had no record of this dispute why I had a letter from teh year before saying they look into it. Default removed and apolgy sent end of matter. no more calls Moral of the story be a pest yourself , record dates and time keep letters and request info that will cause them griif to collect and you have a nice little inventory of their harassment provided to you be them.
  10. Just a quick update, the banks continued to reject my claim, and even disputed that my account was in dispute or that I have contacted them. I thne sent them another SAR stating I wanted all nfo they held on me including telephone transcripts ( they say they record the calls), and then asked them if they dipsuted all my claims why did I have in my possession a letetr from then promising to adress these issues as a matetr of urgency. Bingo one week later letter off a more senior complaints maanger ( how many thave they got) a big fat apology and the default removed. So it can be done as I have checked with Experian and its gone ( nice clean file once again!!!!!
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