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  1. Cheers BRB for that He has already had a meeting with all of the company to explain what will happen if we don't and some people are scared into thinking they have no choice but to vote for the reduction otherwise they will be known and dragged in front of the MD to change their mind
  2. Hi I am wondering if somebody can help, my company is going through a tough time at the mo due to the government shrinking its contracts and we are laying people off. However the Board have put forward an idea to stop any more lay offs for the foreseeable future - namely stopping pensions (ie them adding money to it) and a 2% pay cut. The question is they have said they wanted a mandate to go ahead with this and require 100% of people to agree. However it was mentioned that it wont be anonymous and if 1 or 2 people disagree (and if everybody else wants it) then the Managing Director
  3. Hi Nattie just bimbling around the sites' and noticed this. I will follow everybody else and say good luck in the future. just wondering have you found anything yet? cheers Kevin
  4. if you are doing kids then might be able to convince the banker that I am allowed to come for a cheapish (and obviously sober) weekend. Prestatyn aint that bad (sezs me whos been to rhyl for the last 4 years for me summer holidays - last one we got flooded - yeah british weather kev
  5. still cant believe your glasses would do such a thing - I mean attacking an innoccent lady like yourself. I would complain to the police about such an unprovoked attack
  6. is the hangover that bad nobody is going to surface and spill the beans? obviously there will be nothing to spill as you were all on your best behaviour.......
  7. no I have small children (3 under 4!! - 1 only 10 days old) I will be awake in under 6 hours - my body can cope - brain cant really do wish I could be there tomorrow - but unfortunately cant but tonight was a good laugh
  8. Tilly got beaten up by her own glasses everybody else was well behaved (honest!) no photos that I know about Kev
  9. morning all 12hrs and 33 mins and counting... AND ONLY 1/2 DAY @ WORK just wished daughter hasnt given me the lurgy and my son knew what bedtime and sleep means zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  10. Tom All I can say is thank you for being there when I needed it, and I hope I was some help in helping you keep your sanity (as was everybody else here on CAG) Sad that it didnt go to plan for you - but maybe your case was the one pushed the OFT into getting off their backsides to do something.... I really do hope that what ever comes your way in the future, you'll do with the same determination that you did for the bank charges Cheers Kevin
  11. so we have an 8 o'clock start at bennetts does everybody know where it is and how to get to it? Bennetts, Birmingham, West Midlands, B2 5RS - pub details # beerintheevening.com Google Maps we have at least 7 with a possible extra 4 Sallysas Kevboy_telford Sea-sidelady Tilly Kfdh1962 Sequenci Nightmare4banks Rooster-uk Alanfromderby Callumsgran Broke_Dave see ya all on friday then kevin
  12. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can definitely agree that she can stand upright finely all by herself (well until 9pm after that........) nb dont need beer goggles but that sea behind her really does get on your nerves after a bit :grin:
  13. unfortunately I wont be able to make this :cry: wife still hasnt had baby so there is no way I can get up there with a baby under 2 weeks old sorry
  14. well how about the one with the main door?? unless people sneak in the back entrance
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