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  1. This topic was closed on 09 March 2019. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. small update Sent the firm a preliminary letter of professional negligence claim on the 16th April, this was sent signed for I noticed on the royal mail website that it still says "going through the system" so I sent a further copy on the 6th May this was signed for on the 7th May. As yet I have not had any acknowledgement from them. Today however I have got a court order arrive which was in relation to my n245 I submitted way back in March in which the court has accepted my £2 a month offer, I'm not sure if the court has done this off their own back or if the firm has now ac
  3. UPDATE don't know whats going on now Just had an order from the court, thought it would be the order made last week however it says that "due to the statement of xxxxxx not reaching the file for the hearing and there being a discrepancy in relation to the amount of costs awarded the hearing is to be relisted on the 24th april" I cant see what they could have in a statement that would make any difference to the judges previous order however I have yet to see the statement that is referred to, I certainly have not received a copy of it anyway. Not sure what the discrepa
  4. update just got back from the court re my 2nd application to set aside the stat demand The other side did not turn up, anyway the judge set it aside as its already a secured debt he also awarded costs of £70 court fees and another £100, they have 14 days to pay me the £170 have also been trying to get the legal ombudsman to look at it but they just keep saying that I am not a client of the firm and wont help its very slow going as they take a week to reply each time I am so determined to get justice and wont stop until I do Age hopefully it might make them
  5. I do have a complaint in with the SRA, but in their email they say they do not advise people on the outcome so you don't get told if any action has been taken against the firm or not they say sometimes its posted on their website, but reading through the complaints procedures I get the impression they don't investigate complaints on an individual basis but only seem to do anything if they get many complaints about the same firm hopefully the legal ombudsman will look at it again If the firm are saying I am their customer then they should look at it think I need to buy some mo
  6. I know that now Don't know if the email they sent will help in anyway, it does say .... "In your case, you were not receiving the service you are complaining about from the lawyer concerned. The legal service which you are complaining about was provided to someone else i.e. your wife. Unfortunately, this means we are not able to help you on this occasion. However, third party complaints can be referred to the Solicitors Regulation Authority. This body is responsible for dealing with the conduct and discipline of solicitors. " The SRA emailed to say I should complain to the Le
  7. update Not heard anything from the SRA apart from a letter saying that they don't normally inform people of the outcome of investigations so probably not going to hear anything from them Got an email from the legal ombudsman saying that they cant look into it as I am not a customer of the firm ! I have emailed them back saying that the firm insist that I am their customer which is why they came after me for the debt took them a week to sent the email above, so prob wont hear anything for another week
  8. Just small update I have now sent a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman and also the SRA will update with any news if I hear anything back from them
  9. thanks Andy will contact them first with my grievance age
  10. Thanks Andy I will wait until I hear from the court then. Should I send the claimant a letter asking for details of their insurance etc as I intend to make a claim for professional negligence what details should I put on the letter age
  11. got a letter from the claimant today as they have got my n245 from the court they reject my offer and ask for up to date mortgage statement and how much I owe to the legal aid board Do I have to reply to them or does the court now decide on the amount to pay ?
  12. just quick update court has set a hearing date for second attempt to set aside stat demand on the 10th April I guess they cant do anything else against me until that has been heard ? not heard anything from the n245 form that I also applied at the court for
  13. thanks Andy law is crap ! should I do a letter before action or should I send a letter saying I will be making a claim for professional negligence and ask for details of their insurance people and then contact the insurance people going back to court in the morning to take in the 7.1a form and also the n245 form with payment offer of £2 per month should I also enclose a cheque for £2 for the first payment ?
  14. Hi Andy sorry, but confused, if I don't claim the value of the CCJ, then how do I claim this or does the court sort it out when they see the evidence that shows I was not liable for the debt in the first place otherwise then would not the claimant still pursue me for the value of the CCJ or is it that I just make a claim under CPR 8 saying I was not liable for the debt and attach evidence showing this and then the court sees this and makes award accordingly might be better if I start a new thread to keep t separate age
  15. Thanks Andy will do letter before action do I list what I will claim for ie value of CCJ, application costs, cost incurred (time, photocopying) what do I put for duress, damages, damage to credit rating etc Just been to the court to aply to set aside the stat demand again they told me I cant apply again on 6.4 & 6.5 and have to fill in form 7.1a instead so now filling that in age
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