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  1. Hi Angus They are legally bound to supply informnation under your SAR in 40 days. You have another 11 to wait before taking any further steps, so unfortunately fella, you've just got to be patient. With regards your N1/MCOL I've got one piece advice, NEVER guess on any matter!!!!
  2. Hiya Lynzilou I'm not totally au fe with what a Select account is, but the account charge your talking about appears to be a monthly fee that they're entitled to charge. Go ahead and claim for any charge that refers to:- unpaid DD's unpaid SO's unpaid cheques overdraft usage fees and anything that isn't a standard monthly charge for banking. My lloyds account (don't remember what it was called) carried a £10/month fee, but that is a legitimate fee for a service . . . unlike the above!! Any other questions though, just shout
  3. Cheers Barty! I won't count the chickens until the settlement arrives, but I'll probably find out some time towards the end of next week If anyone knows whereabouts to to send the SAR for LTSB card services (haven't had the card for 2½ years so I'm not sure of the address), I'm all ears. I'm assuming the Gresham Street address should see it forwarded to the right place??
  4. Don't worry Julie, If they've debited your account to that effect, provided you're diligent, you'll see it all back. With interest. You've got backup here, so if you need it, just ask
  5. Evening everyone Been a touch quiet lately, busy bunny and all, but developments of late have changed that! Issued N1 on the 8th December, LTSB filed defence (5 days late) on the 8th of Jan. Submitted AQ a week later (incorporating BF's "draft for directions" strategy) and subsequently rolled my up my sleeves and got myself ready for a tear up. Received a letter from SC&M this week and I thought "here we go, test the water, see if we can scare this dude off". There started a very aggressive diatribe (someone had obviously got their thesaurus out) about me being exceptionally mixconceived and mistaken about the legal basis upon which my claim was based, the Bank (that's their caps, not mine) is going to defend this claim vigorously. Strange thing is, several paragraphs into this letter someone got tapped on the shoulder. Turned it round and said, in this case LTSB will pay the claim in full, interest and Court fees included. There were conditions attached (none that I'm bothered about in the slightest as I'll be closing the account the second the money lands. Aside from that, it was mainly chest puffing), but hey, I barely broke a sweat!!! If nothing else, I hope that brings hope to everyone, at or near to, the AQ stage. I've read a few similar threads about adopting the "draft for directions" strategy and I don't see it as any coincidence that we've all received settlement very early. Do it!! BIG UP to this site. As soon as my settlement arrives, you'll be getting my donation. No question. Anyone who doesn't should be utterly ashamed of theirselves. Oooh, before I finish, I've just remembered that I had a had a credit card with LTSB at the same time as they bent me over (about three years ago), is the procedure for reclaiming CC charges the same as bank charges?? I'm sure they must have partied on my credit card at the same time. Do I send the SAR to the Gresham Street address or the LTSB card services one? I'm ready for a rematch
  6. thumbs_up


    Hiya DS Either will do, but I sent mine to:- Lloyds TSB 125 Colmore Row Birmingham B3 3SF That'll do nicely. Good luck and don't cut 'em any slack! thumbs_up
  7. Well done girl, hat's off to you for toughing it out with 'em!! Respect! Have a blub when the cheque arrives
  8. Guys, Lloyds are tough and in giving away the money theu've taken from you, don't expect them to be anything but. You're on strong legal ground. Expect it to go to Court and you won't be stressed. Provided you're prepared, well read and ebullient, you'll actually enjoy the experience. I am, although their stalling tactics are a complete and utter pain in the arse! Good luck, both of ya
  9. Hey Guys Don't worry about any of their corporate diatribe. They can "close the file" if they want to but legally, that means absolutely nothing. I laughed when I read that! Just continue with the procedure. Just read everything that's posted in the template's and case studies in the threads. This is all invaluable information. The better read you are, the more prepared for the fight you are and it will be, so don't think you can just go through the motions and not understand the procedure or the legal principle's. Forewarned is forearmed Me and heaps of others will be riding shotgun for you, any questions just shout Just make sure that when you're done, you donate to this site. They deserve a medal!!!
  10. Have a look at this link for the Excel spreadsheet to work out the s.59 interest on your claim and if you've any questions about this or filling out MCOL/N1 just ask. Me and heaps of others will be on hand to run you through it (or work it out for you if you're having real trouble!) We're all here to help, but just make sure you read a lot and don't expect an easy ride. If it get's tough, you've got us watching your back
  11. Hey Ann, have you read the FAQs or the templates library yet? Don't assume this will be easy, Lloyds will fight you for these charges, but if you're well read and conversant with the process (and their attitude), it'll make your life a great deal easier. Provided you have informed the bank of your intentions (as per prelim letters/LBA in the templates library), proceed with MCOL or N1 Good luck!! Any specific questions, just ask
  12. Hiya Shaney Yeah, I've seen a few threads with similar direction from the Court (Newark County Court, I seem to remember was the one I read about). Great info though, by the way (good luck to you and kick 'em in the spud's for me an' all ) When I think about it, half of me thinks that citing cases like yours and the Newark one I read about, for similar direction by the Judge would be worth a punt in section G of the AQ. However the other half feels it would be a pretentious (bold, yes) move and would expect it to be viewed as presumptious and borderline contemptuous. I do consider and always have, LTSB's and all the other bank's response to customers reclaiming charges to be not only amoral, but contempt of process, but the process is there for a reason and like it or not we all have to play the game. Whilst their behaviour and attitude is down in the gutter, they do have a right to defend themselves (well, attempt!!) and you can't really remove that right. Ooops, rant looming. Best shutup! Preaching to the converted here!! Nice to know there's some savvy Judge's out there though. Fantastic news for you though, rock an' roll going anywhere nice I'd be interested on anybody's views on my 2nd paragraph re. section G of the AQ though got the weekend to think about it!
  13. Think I've got to agree with Barty. but good luck and give a kick in the conkers for me, too
  14. Cheers Guido, it'll be interesting to see what directions the Judge gives you and me for that matter!
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