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  1. had something similar happen to my box rang them up and went through doing something like a factory reset and it cleared it and has worked fine since, I think it may be something to do with them being hdd recorders and the files get fragmented over time.
  2. Maybe your regular postie giving the dog a treat aint the best idea because the time will come when they are off again and more than likely the person covering them won't have a treat. They are probably nervous because it waits for a treat.
  3. But in the case of Royden & others v Barnetts solicitors the distance was approx 40miles and two argued that it was a substantial change to their material detriment? So does putting him in the situation of accepting the change that makes him worse off not go agaisnt the guiding principles of tupe as far as employees are concerned? So that him leaving could constitute constructive dismissal?
  4. Basically I have a friend who is being tuped to another company along with a couple of others because the service the original firm is providing is being taken over by the other. At the moment there is nothing concrete the other firm operates from a different base approx 50 mile round trip from the original on the other side of the city, there have not been any redundancys mentioned they have said you can follow the work or leave. No travel expenses have been offered and in his contract it does not say about any travelling between sites etc He would prefer to be made redundant to be hon
  5. sent prelim for £216 on 25/06/07, got a letter today paying the full amount. (not much but I'm shocked at their speedy response).
  6. Had same response from them today when my statements came, do recall for the two months in question my balance was at zero so no charges levied.
  7. Hi any advice would be of great use, Today while entering the car park of a private club my sister has gone over a speed hump and hit a protuding flap that covers retractable bollards, this has appeared to ahve done quite alot of damage to her car. The damage consists of cracked sump, gearbox fault and exhaust system. The flap was not secured to the ground and photos have been taken of it and where it is in relation to the hump, the flap went the opposite way to the traffic coming into the car park so became an immovable object. She has contacted her insurance who are going to tow the
  8. I got letter yest 2day saying they intend to defend from claim filed on 20th maybe like xmas carol happy xmas thanks to scrooge (halifax) lol.
  9. Filed mine on 20th, MCOL updated today and said it has been aknowledged, maybe you could ring the court and see of any news.
  10. Think it just means that the papers have been sent to halifax and the court deems that they have got them on 27th saying that you are taking court action against them.
  11. They just seem like leeches on society to me who prey on those most vunerable, totally vile that these people are not stopped from carrying on their so called 'business' from a higher authority.
  12. I think it varies buddy wouldn't like to say, if you look at other cases filed maybe a month or couple of weeks before yours it might give you an idea whats round the corner, would be good in time for xmas though.
  13. Don't think the turnaround from court would be that quick, I would just play the waiting game, the letter is probably from your lba.
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