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  1. Thanks for your feedback Trilby274 & 2Grumpy, I will be writing to the bank today asking for the rest of the money back. Will post result here too. Alan.
  2. I don't know if anybody else has tried this, but I could do with some advice. I was sold an Advantage Gold account upgrade when I took out a loan with my local NatWest branch back in June 2001. With the Gold account I was entitled to a discount off the loan interest rate which, after the £6 monthly charge, still worked in my favour. I was told all the other benefits of the account, including travel insurance and other similar things. For various reasons, I said I was not interested in the other perks, just the rate discount. I was left with the firm impression that I would enjoy the rate
  3. Hi all, 6th paragraph of BT letter... "This is not just because of the cost of taking the payments, but because on average customers are more likely to forget to pay or not pay, and this leaves us with bad debt of around £100 million a year." I thought penalty charges should only reflect actual costs, not what might happen. Why should those who do pay on time be penalised??? Alan.
  4. Hi zootscoot Yes, I understand that, I'm complaining about the level it is set at relative to the work involved. Here's the letter I'm sending... Dear Sir, Account No. xxxxxxxx I recently took up your offer of an overdraft facility on the above account. Please would explain how the arrangement fee of £110 is arrived at. I ask because I find it a very high figure for the amount of work actually needed to process such a transaction. Being in business myself, I understand the need to be clear what I am charging and what for. If my customers feel I am charg
  5. I see, that's why they said we have to wait 'til 16th March to change down the contract level. Not long now. Meteor58
  6. Afternoon all, Has anyone challenged NatWest about their overdraft setup fees? I was charged this on a business account recently. Meteor58
  7. Buzby Yes, she's recently stopped using the phone for work, but we can't change the contract 'til half way point. "no-drop lock-in"?? whats that?? Meteor58
  8. Hi Buzby, It's my wifes contract - Racoon 35, we're dropping it to Racoon 25 halfway through 18 month contract on Friday. That'll save £10 a month at least. Also the amount seems to vary for different customers, hers is £2.98 +vat (£3.50). Meteor58
  9. Sending the following to Orange tomorrow... The Executive Office, Orange, PO Box 10, Patchway, Bristol, BS32 4QJ. Dear Sir, Account Number xxxxxxxx We have been customers of Orange for over 10 years and up until recently we have been largely satisfied with the service received. However, the imposition of a charge of £2.98 + VAT each month for not paying by Direct Debit has negated all the goodwill of that period. We cannot see how this charge can be justified for what is a fully automated payment method (Orange Billing Helpline). Even if a human was involv
  10. Hi Guys, Just a quick question... Is Martin Orton head of LTSB Customer Care or just another name? If not, who is please. OK thats atleast 2 questions:) Meteor58
  11. Hi truly-madly, I'm not aware that NatWest have been closing accounts of people claiming back charges. From my limited experience, Nat West went through the motions with a few standard letters and then paid up when they realised I was serious. (Also, see the sticky about the Alliance & Leicester fine at the top of this forum.) Hang in there Meteor58
  12. Hi Runner22, Great news on your claim!! :) Meteor 58
  13. Thanks for your support kkatiew, Romey & BARTY, I started the claim on 5th August last year! LTSB dragged it out for 4 months AND shelled out £56 more than they had to (plus SC&Ms fees too). Romey, my "Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing)" letter was just a single A4 sheet. The documents it asks for would be from the "Basic Court Bundle". You can get more details on this from the Bank Templates Library on this site. Keep hanging in there. Alan.
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