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  1. thanks for the replies.........I'm so excited about all this:D !!!!!
  2. I'm a little confused.....I have just sent my Preliminary approach for repayment letter but have just read the one which i think is the next stage...the LBA - consumer version - asking for it back.........it has the same wording in it as the preliminary approach letter.........have i picked the correct 2nd letter to send to them (if i dont hear owt back in 14 days)? Also the first line says 'I am very disappointed that you have failed to respond to my letter of the [XXDATEXX].' do you still put this 1st line on even if they have responded with an offer? Thanks
  3. i've got a letter al rteady and waiting to be sent (the data protection one) but i've had a letter saying i'm over my authourised overdraft and they have now taken the £30 charge......can i ring them and say they can't do this and ask them to credit it back? if so....any advise on what to say as i'm a bit of a jelly when it comes to talking BIG!!!
  4. Rhanks everyone....its all addressed up now and ready to post....shall go to the post office tomorrow to send recorded delivery WISH ME LUCK!!!!
  5. I've been reading loads and loads of the posts but cannot seem to find a definate...... I have my subject access request/data protection act letter all written up ready to send to halifax but I just dont know where to send it......I think i'm right in sending it to the address on trinity rd in Halifax but I dont know if i'm meant to put a department within that address or a name of someone.....i've looked on the data protection publi register thing but I still dont know which is the correct one.....sorry if I seem a bit thick:confused: :confused:
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