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  1. debt4get, Thanks for your advice. I have just printed out the letter and I will pop that into the post when I walk the dog tonight. With regards to sending a CCA request. I am pretty sure I did one of these when the debt collectors first started coming after me and they did produce, but it was such a long time ago (and I have dealt with quite a few debts) that I don't honestly recall. Back in 2006/07 I was in quite a big mess and it has taken a lot of work and organisation to get to where I am today. So I will get one of these printed out too and send that off with a £1 cheque.
  2. Hi hughes690, I have just finished reading your thread. One big difference is that your account was/is in dispute. Mine is not nor can I put it in dispute. The thread did remind me of ECI and Highland Associates... two further debt companies which have chased me for this debt despite it being paid on a regular basis. In those cases I called them, told them it was being paid and they left me alone. This CAS company won't despite previous attempts. Thank you for the letter. Just one quick question, the letter refers to 'my' premises / property. I am currently living with relati
  3. Hi, I need some advice regarding a threatening letter I received this morning from CAS - Credit Ancillary Services who are threatening doorstep collection. I find myself in a really wierd situation and I don't know who to contact or what to do to get this resolved. This all started in 2007 when I was contacted by a debt agency called Heatons about a debt from a credit card account. I acknowledged the debt and set up a standing order in August 2007 for £30 a month using the account details which Heatons provided. I have spent this afternoon going through my bank statements a
  4. Hi Paul, Congratulations! Case closed and move on to the next Yes, you can and will need to start a new claim for the £75 they have added. And this time you will feel a lot more confident about getting it back
  5. Paul, I am not quite as far along as you are... I sent my LBA two days ago so they have 14 days to pay what I have requested. I usually allow an extra 2 days grace to allow for the postal service. So if after 16 days I haven`t had a satisfactory response, i.e. my money back then I will start court action. I have completed four claims to date against one bank and three credit card companies. I had to begin court cases against ALL four of them before they would take me seriously and stop offering partial settlements. As soon as the court cases were started two of the four paid up
  6. Hey Paul, Just to follow up on what the others have said (I have recently started a claim against smile and got the same letter back). Basically they are trying to delay the claim by using the FSA as a scare tactic... in my opinion for two reasons. Because they have more claims than they can handle and just for the pure heck of stalling. You have one thing to remember, by following the information provided here at CAG you are following the legal path. Niether the FSA or smile make the law nor can they change the timeframe that you have set out in your letters. Also make sure you
  7. PriorityOne, andrew1, Thank you both for your replies, I have typed up the following letter based on your comments and will be sending it off first thing in the morning registered. "Dear Sir/Madam, On the 10th January 2007, I made a legal request for the Consumer Credit Agreement in relation to the above account (Consumer Credit Act, 1974) To date, you have failed to comply with this request and therefore, no further payments will be made until such times as it can be produced and re-enforced in court. Please be aware that it is an offence to continue to pursue paymen
  8. Hey, Been a while, thanks to everyone for the follow ups on this thread... just to recap.... On 10th of Jan we sent a CCA letter to CL Finance who I have found out through phone calls and chasing etc that they do own the debt. On the 16th of Jan they replied stating that they have received our request and that they have "requested the information". Since then we have not heard anything. They send monthly statements and they have cashed the £1 cheque and applied it to the balance of the account. We have kept the original payments running but stopped them as of the end o
  9. Wow, I wasn't expecting such a great response, thanks everyone. I have read through the responses here and read some other threads over the past day or two. Due to the amount in question in this particular case I have decided to accept the cheque (albiet I had to call them and request a new cheque because they put 'Paid into Account XXXXX' on it and the account is closed!) I have read the letter which they sent out over and over again and whilst the payment is in full and final settlement it does not state any terms and I am not asked to agree to any terms other than write to t
  10. Yes, I have lumped together two business accounts and a personal account, as long as it has the relevant signatures it's fine.
  11. Hey, I have been pursuing NatWest and subsequently Cobbetts since way back in November. I have dealt with the partial offers and CPR18 request and all that baloney and finally got a court date sorted for March. Today, I received a cheque from Cobbetts in full and final settlement with the usual 2 letters to send to the court and back to them. All the excitement soon died off when I put the cheque down and read the letter. They have stated in the letter: "as previously stated under the limitation act 1980 you cannot bring a claim more than 6 years after the date on which the
  12. Hi B, Here is a copy of one that I used: "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company. I require you to supply the following documentation before I will correspond further on this matter. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit) - your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account. I enclose a cheque made out for a £1 A signed true copy of the
  13. Hi, First of all thank you both for the replies, very helpful. Below is an update on what we have done so far plus some answers to the questions. The current DCA is called: CL Finance My father received a letter from them on the 21st of Dec where the letter clearly states "ownership of the debt has changed hands and been assigned to CL Finance." The original debt is for a Debenhams Store Card. On Jan 10th we sent the following CCA request to CL Finance: "I do not acknowledge any debt to your company. I require you to supply the following documentation before I wil
  14. Congratulations Cally, I just received a letter from the court with a date for my hearing so shouldn't be long for me now! Well done!
  15. No, if SSW accept the payment in full and final settlement then Wescot will not be able to chase you.
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