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  1. Well I can understand what you are saying if we where quoting balances regarding interest. Quoting from the letter and all charges aside "Having calculated the balance that was with Black Horse (no balance figure quoted) I can confirm that you made payments totaling £22,2532.32(actual monies received regardless of when) Your agreement states that in order to to complete your obligation you are required to make a minimum amount of £25,053.40. If an arrears balance accrues on the account the total amount payable will adjust to reflect this as additional interest will become payable no mention of whether there was or that it did and no figure quoted)" I made my calculations based on original & copy statements to track payments made. I also last night went through all bank statements to cross check payments whether made by CHQ/DD or POS. My payment total amounts to sum of £22,832.32 , that is a difference of exactly £300.00. I found a payment made to Black Horse on the 15/12/2010 by POS. We can not talk about interest accruing on arrears until the wording of the letter is changed. Is this correct or am I getting something wrong? Thank you Sorry, edit to post The payment that was made on 15/12/2010 by POS was exactly £300.00 based on calculations Black Horse confirmed payments received £22,532.32 My actual payments made £22,832.32 there is a payment made by me from my bank which is missing of £300.00 as far as I understand thats before we start talking about balances
  2. An update required after post from Nihilus I did not send out the LBA because of the reply I received from Black Horse(which is attached) I did not send LBA because of the wording of there reply but because it was close to resolving the issue of the fees. The only problem I need to resolve with Black Horse is the amount they say I have paid, up to the point of transfer to Skye loans as they have missed a payment.Once I have finalised the transferred balance I can then continue with Skye loans as this would make anything Skye Loans are quoting totally wrong. The outset of the original post was to get the charges refunded, the over payment and for a zero balance, account closed and finished with. So you see once I can resolve the missing payment issue and agree the transferred balance I can continue with Skye as Black Horse are only dealing with it up to the transfer point. Hope this make sense but I thought it was moving towards our aim. Thanks
  3. Cheers for that Martin Letters on way then. Will update in a couple of weeks or sooner if I receive a reply
  4. Unfortunately letter had to wait for me to get home. I have drafted LBA ready to post out tomorrow. the only question I have to ask is who am I sending it too, Black Horse or Skye. Reason for asking is that I received this letter yesterday. Thanks
  5. Ok thanks Martin Back at work now so Mrs will have to type up & send Will post up update as soon as Thanks again
  6. Hi Martin & all Nothing up since last post. 14 days finished on Wednesday just past. I need to get LBA sent could you possibly link me to a template if you are around.I Cant find it. Do not think I m lazy its just i dont have much time.I am a shopfitter by trade and my hours are very demanding leaving me very little time to sort things.I am home from London tonight & then have to leave for London again tomorrow at 5.30 ,a good 3 hr trip so could do with penning a letter tonight. Also regarding my previous post,I carry on with sending the LBA to Skye and completely ignore Black Horse. Thanks Rob
  7. Thanks for the reply Martin. Will continue as is then. Will post up if anything does appear from Black Horse in the meantime. Thanks
  8. As said a reply yesterday from Skye Loans This doesn't do much really except passing it back to Black Horse the original lender. How do I stand now with time lines and the like. Do I just wait for Black Horse or should I now be doing something else or do I take it that Skye hasn't really handled my complaint stick to the 14 day timeline and send an LBA. Thanks
  9. OK Letter was away yesterday. Will post back when or if I receive a reply. Thanks for all help.
  10. Ok thanks Martin But all reads ok with the way charges & interest have been written? This is my main concern that this is right from the start. Will amend FOS part & get this sent off Monday. Thanks again
  11. Thanks for reply Martin I came across some old letters on a memory stick, could I merge this one with mine.In regards to the 14 day timeline and also the reference to the credit file? Apologies trying again Ok hows this read. Any alterations
  12. ok martin wow quick reply. So I have to incorporate 14 day timeline.ok,will re-word that then. Is it correct otherwise? I mean,not including interest in the charges amount? Will re-word and re-post tomorrow. Thanks for quick reply
  13. Ok I have managed to sit down and sort letter. Trying to fit this in between everything else. have attached my letter , how does this look? The total amount of charges is 597 + over payment of 278.26 making total of 875.26 CI is 629.22 based on the original loan agreement of 15.9% Making a total of 1504.48. As you will see I have not included the interest in my letter , is this correct?
  14. ok thanks will re-word letter to suit.I am using the ci spread.If I come across anything else will ask. Thanks
  15. Thanks also Martin I am trying to get this sorted today I have re-typed letter but I do have a few more questions which hopefully I can get posted today. Thanks Ok Just finally sat down to have a look at the spreadsheets. Right I believe I am to use the CIS Version for my claim. Fine. My be sounding like a plum here but where would I get the APR from a Black Statement or the original contract? Also referring back to my original post I have made an extra installment payment how does this fit into the equation? Just a few more things to iron out on the letter. 1.This was a joint account with my wife,do I word the letter in the plural, as I am doing the letters I keep using the singular. 2.The loan was originally taken with Black Horse and was a secured loan, Skye now call it a Mortgage.Do I use the word secured loan or mortgage 3.Do I send this letter to Black Horse(the original lender) or Skye Loans (the new owner) or both. Hopefully this is the last of my questions, may seem trivial but want to get this right from the start and get this letter sent out. Thanks for your replies and time. 3
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