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  1. can anyone advise on the following:-We booked a 5 night holiday with Jet2holidays on a half board basis. When we arrived at the hotel we were told that the top floor was unavailable ( we had emailed the hotel directly to request this ) due to building works. We were not informed prior to departure by Jet2hoidays of this work which started at 08.00hrs and continued until 20.00hrs every day. We were unable to use our balcony due to falling debris and part of the sun terrace had to be cordened off for the same issue.Do Jet2hoilidays not have to inform of any building works prior to departure?We could not move rooms as the hotel was full and no offer of alternative accommodation was offered and we could not contact the rep.Would we be entitled to any compensation for this ( complaint letter has already been submitted )Also on a side note, on the outgoing flight (deparure time 06.30 ) there was a group of men who were in a ''drunken'' state and were being quite rowdy, bad language etc. Several passengers asked the cabin crew to intervien, however they did nothing and continued to serve them alcohol.thanks
  2. sorry to disapoint you, but the advise from dx100uk is incorrect, this is not a regular payment as you have called to make a single payment to pay a single bill. As you have done this on the basis that the funds would be taken from your account and given an authorisation code.Any company that you make a payment to has up to six years to claim that payment, your bank is not oblidged to cancel the payment
  3. Not all companies are open to negotiation with regards to a deposit, you may be a straight decline in which case your only option would be PAYG
  4. You have not said if this is a contract or pay as you go arrangment. If it is a contract you will not be able to upgrade until the end of the contract, eith 12 or 18 months. The Sale of Goods Act would onl entitle you to a brand new replacment within 28 days, after that you would only be able to get the phone repaired.
  5. Hi Hope someone can help with some advise as to where I can go now as I'm at my wits end. sorry if this is a bit long winded, but there is a lot to tell I purchased a new kitchen from B&Q in April this year, the designer came out to the house and planed my wifes dream kitchen. I was at work during most of the design stage and only came in as he was giving the price. I mentioned to the designer that 2 of the walls were uneven and would need plastering before any units were hung, and requested a price for this and also to tile the walls. He gave the price and we agreed to it. He said that he would do the full job for £7000. When we went into the store to pay, the assistant said she had to call a clearing bank as we were paying by cheque. When she called them, she gave the wrong name so they wanted to carry out a credit check in case the cheque bounced, I tried to explain this but they were adamant that they needed to do the check so I refused. That was the first issue. 2 weeks before the installation was due we recieved a phone call to say that the diswasher and sink that we had chosen were out of stock, and so as to get the job done on time, would we choose adifferent one, to which we did. When the ''dedicated'' installation team arrived, they consisted of 2 scruffy lads who didn't seem to know what they were suposed to do until they called their boss. I left them to start work and went to work myself. On arriving home I realised that no plastering had been carried out before the wall unit was put up, leaving a gap of about 1/2 an inch at the bottom. Not a great deal you might think, but this looks terrible. Where they needed to fit blanking panels where the units didn't reach the wall, they seemed to have cut them around the rough finsh of the wall where old tiles had been removed. Had they of plastered as requested this would not have been a problem. When i asked them about this I was told that it was'nt on the job sheet. The job sheet that I was never shown I might add! They also didn't have the ''soft close'' fittings for the cupboard doors which I had to purchase seperatley. The tiler who was apparently the forman has made a terrible job of the finish so i refused to sign off the job. He then decided to call nme at 9 o'clock at night demanding that I sign. I sent a letter of complaint and was offered an insulting £384 in compensation for my expences ( the cost of the additional fittings and extra work that my decorator had to do ) I refused the offer and asked to speak to this persons manager, 2 weeks later I had not recieved a call so I called the customer services only to be told that my complaint had been closed when I refused the offer of compensation. They got the person who I had been dealing with to call me back, I asked him why he had closed my complaint, which he denied doing. He aslo said that it wasn't a complain but a warrenty issue. This is quite an abridged version of all of the events that have taken place, but what i'm after is half the installation fee refunded, about £2000. Am I asking for too much? Where do I go from here? Any help would be appriciated. Path_finder
  6. Personaly, i wouldn't have signed a contract that says that they can change your working hours whenever it suits them due to business needs. But, as that is what it states in their contract of employment, ( and they have agreed to it) i don't see that they have very much room to object.
  7. sorry, what i meant was, does it state in the contract of employment anything about timescales for changes. e.g. my contract of employment says:- The company may make changes to your contract of employment, if we do make any changes, you will be give 30 days written notice. So, when they changed our working hours, they issued a change of contract of employment letter. The letter stated when the new shift would start and gave at least 30 days notice. Anyone who did not sign and return the letter was deemed to have resigned. I believe that if it affects more than 100 people, there has to be a 90 day consultation period.
  8. do you know what it says about changes to Ts & Cs in their contract of employment?
  9. Hi I think it would depend on when they were told about the changes and what their terms and conditions of employment are. Most contracts of employment will say that you will be given 30 days notice of any changes, and depending on how many people are affected by the change there should be a period of consultaion. If they do not agree to the new terms, then they will have deemed to have resigned.
  10. Hope someone can help me out with this. About six months ago I agreed to represent one of my work colleagues during a flexible working request meeting. Due to the nature of the business and the location of those involved, the meeting was held via a telephone voice conference. Without going into the detail, it was clear from the way the meeting was conducted that the outcome had been decided before the meeting took place. The apeal went pretty much the same way. The person involved has been off work with stress for the past 5 months due to this and I have had no contact with her. The problem I have is, now that she has returned to work and sent me an email asking if I would be free to attend an ET as her witness. Firstly, the hearing is in Exeter and I live in the North East! If I attended, who would pay my expences? Secondly, I don't really want to appear as a witness against my employer, would I have any choice? Could I refuse? Any advise would be welcome.
  11. IMHO I doubt you can pursue them for the difference. The price they quoted you was correct at the time, and that is the contract you have agreed to. Most carriers will reduce their prices the closer it gets to departure date so as not to be flying with empty seats. Have you checked to see if there is a cancelation fee, and if so is it less than the difference?
  12. Section 48B of the Sale of Goods Act 1979 states:- (2) If the buyer requires the seller to repair or replace the goods, the seller must— (a) repair or, as the case may be, replace the goods within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience to the buyer; (b) bear any necessary costs incurred in doing so (including in particular the cost of any labour, materials or postage). Therefor I would suggest that phones4u are in breach of this as they are asking for a handling charge
  13. you could try one of these numbers:- 020 70354848 this is the Home office switchboard, choose option 4 01733 888004 0141 3421000
  14. You say that this has appeared on you statement. Are you refering to a paper staement sent through the post or your online statement? If you are refering to the online banking system, you may find that the transaction shows up as a standing order with no details for 24 hours until their system updates. This happens all the time with my account when I make a bill payment
  15. I find it hard to understand why you think that you have just cause to cancel your contract when you freely admit that you had a weak signal to start with. It was not Orange who tinted the windows in your workplace, which appears to be the reason for your lack of signal. Orange will not guarentee signal in a specific location and certainly not inside buildings, and contacting customer services will make little difference.
  16. you could try emailing Inga Kirkman and letting her know that you have a court date:- [email protected] with something along these lines:- I realise from your defence that you do not agree with my legal analysis that the charges levied to my account amount to penalty clauses and are deemed unfair. I do however recognise the fact that the sum at issue between us is relatively modest and as such, it is not cost effect for either party to take the matter to trial. Therefore in order to avoid the inevitable time and cost associated with pursuing the claim to trial I am willing to settle the claim upon repayment of the charges applied to my account, together with statutory interest and costs totalling £xxxxxx. Only once in receipt of cleared funds will I then discontinue all action against Abbey in connection with this claim. I have attached a copy of the schedule of charges.
  17. If you mark your letter ''without prejudice'' you cannot raise it in court
  18. Don't think ther's anywhere like Benidorm:D Sticky Vikki and all that:o I've been going for the last 14 years, couldn't imagine going anywhere else
  19. I may be wrong with this, but I doubt if anyone could or would give you any info on this. To give financial advise I believe you have to be FSA registered. If anyone was to recomend a lender and anything went wrong, you could in theory hold that person responsible.
  20. The process that CISAS use can take up to three months and they will not be able to get involved with the billing dispute only the provision of the handset and new contract. Bed32 I have PM'd you with regards to your previous post.
  21. They would still send out the letters, all you have had is a letter saying they have recieved your complaint, not that they are doing aything about it yet. They are working to resolve the backlog. If he wants this resolved quickly then he must call customer services before this ends up with a DCA. As I have already said this would noy have been a call from Orange but a 3rd party dealer. They are alowed to say that they are calling on behalf of Orange and he may have mistaken that for ''from''. There may not be a recording of the call as not all calls are recorded.
  22. Like I said, it is doubtfull that Orange contacted your son, it would have been a 3rd party dealer. If he rings customer services they will be able to tell him who arranged the upgrade. Surley he did not expect to be just given a free upgrade without a new contract? Non of the mobile operators would do that. I would strongly suggest that he pays the outstanding amount before it ends up with a DCA.
  23. From the way you describe this person, I very much doubt if he will offer her her job back. Think she will be filling in the ET1 very soon.
  24. It would depend what access rights she has to the account. If she has been set up with access by the account holder, which is possible, then she is quite entitled to be given the information.
  25. It is very unlikley that the mobile side will be willing to cancel your contract due to the fact that the 2 services are completley independant of each other. The free or £5 per month broadband is an offer because you have a mobile contract of £30 per month or more, it is not a package. Their small print says speeds of up to 8mb but does not guaruentee it. It is probable that you are on their LLU system, try asking to be removed from it
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