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  1. Nanna, Are you (or any of your colleages) in a union? If so, I would get them involved, why else do you pay your union fees? If not, then I'm not sure (I pay the union to worry for me). If nothing else, my reply has bumped your post so someone else might me able to help. Sounds dodgy to me though Nanna. Good luck Yoda
  2. OK, similar lines here but how much oil would a gumboil boil if a gumboil could boil oil? I've always wondered
  3. It's beautiful here, just as it has been all day. Except for the half hour when I was on the bike coming home from work and it absolutely tipped it down.
  4. I'm a firm believer that anything with wholegrain must be bad for you. After English mustard, do you run the risk of going into that all important meeting with wholegrain on/in your teeth? methinks not. Dijon is tasteless grit.
  5. Day 45 and you are only just signing up for the alerts?
  6. Cheesy Doritos When I was little, you used to be able to get little hollow pig shaped crisps that were yummy but I can't remember whta they were called.
  7. Thought you were having a dig at my small post count. No, it is correct, only 47 posts in 11 months. Abysmal I know. Note to self "must post more". Right, Hijack over I also like the cag name noobrider
  8. I like unique username myself. Wonder how they thought that one up?
  9. Think I'll have a go at shameless bumping Bump
  10. Thanks Papa, with 7 hours to kill, I'm sure I will need more than 1 place to go & I'm going to try my best to avoid covent garden (can't afford it lol).
  11. Ah well, British History Museum here I come then. Can't waste a day off from the kids can I?
  12. I read that book too. Alan Carr is my guru. I also knew that I was a non-smoker the minute I finished it. The funny thing is though, I do not mind other people smoking around me. I don't even mind the smell (not that I think it's pleasant either) and I can quite happily sit in a pub with my smoker friends. I think the public should have been allowed to vote with their feet. Smoking permitted places & non smoking places so we have the freedom of choice.
  13. I'm just a bit tired of hearing "Britain Goes Smoke Free on the 1st July !!!" Well, it doesn't does it? Banning smoking in enclosed public spaces & in the workplace is a far cry from Britain going smoke free.
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