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  1. I have some very important questions, but don't want to post them here. can I contact you directly. I am in court today
  2. I got a settlement offer 2 days ago and accepted it.Do you think i will still get my money ?
  3. I can't get any response from them at all . Paul Quinn is dealing with my claim, he doesn't answer the phone or email or letter. I have sent in my court bundle, they missed the deadline. It's seven days until my court date. All I can really hope for now is that they don't turn up in court. I won't stop the case until I have the money, so if they send a settlement offer too late to get the money paid into my account I will still go to court Frank
  4. Thank you . That really helped me . frankthecabbie
  5. I am today making my court bundle . The only problem i have with it is that I can't get a copy of THE EARLY DAY MOTION FROM THE HOUSE OF PARLIMENT .I have downloaded the court bundle zip file but the link doesn't work that gives me this document . Any help please ? Frankthecabbie
  6. Hi Thailand I sent the email cheers Frank
  7. Hi All I am filling in the spreadsheet to add up my charges . Do I include the unarranged borrowing fee in this or should it be left out ? Many Thanks Frank:confused:
  8. Thanks Thailand I have managed to track down a page on the net that I can download a copy .Thanks for the advise ,I will send my bundle off a couple of days before the deadline . thanks frankthecabbie
  9. Hi all I am having a real problem getting hold of the terms and conditions for my old woolwich current account . I have made many phone calls and been into my branch ,but they seem unable to furnish me with a copy .Are they important to my court bundle ? could they be left out ? Should I write to their solicitor and ask him for a copy ? I just don't no what to do .Any help please Frankthecabbie
  10. Hi all getting close to court date of July 27 at last .Can any body tell me where to find the old terms and conditions for my Woolwich account or do I just find the ones they currently use ? Frankthecabbie
  11. That last phone number 020 7116 2705 wasn't the switchboard it was for Keith Jeramia who was away from his desk . Thanks anyway .I will try and get the switchboard number , thats a good idea .
  12. Thanks for your help . I will try that .
  13. I have just rang them on the number thailand has posted above and got a lot further than this morning . however it has still been left that if I havn't heard from them one month before the court date I should ring again .
  14. It wasn't that they didn't have my court date yet as they didn't take any details . They asked was it to do with bank charges ? .When I said yes they replied that if I had started the court process they coudn't talk to me . the number I rang was 0800282390
  15. They Paid up at last .I can't believe I got there in the end .Thank you every one who helped . I will make a donation as soon as the cheque is clear .Thank you all Frank
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