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  1. (er, cough, that's seven words really!) when on the wing for England
  2. Hi Mucky Pup, welcome to CAG. Is the business that of a sole trader, partnership or limited company? Are you still trading? Assuming the bank has actually issued a claim against you, can you post up the particulars of claim? If you do, please make sure you have erased all identifying information. What is your objective? Are you hoping to defend the claim in full and not repay anything or are you trying to mitigate the sum to be repaid and repay it at a level you can afford? Els
  3. CPR Part 38.7 A claimant who discontinues a claim needs the permission of the court to make another claim against the same defendant if – (a) he discontinued the claim after the defendant filed a defence; and (b) the other claim arises out of facts which are the same or substantially the same as those relating to the discontinued claim.
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