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  1. Well 2 montha later and I've finally received copies of CCA requests from Eversheds, and I'd be grateful for any advice on the following : 1. Is an unsigned copy of a CCA enforceable?.....all details are there but it is not signed by me. 2. Is a copy of an application form, supplied with a photocopy of the T&C's enforceable I'll try to scan the copies in later , but any help in the meantime would be appreciated. Simon
  2. These Evershed people are totally insane!! I sent the letter 42man kindly posted above on the 6th March ' I recieved a letter today withdrawing the discounted offer and "assuring" me that they have now been instucted to pursue the debt through the county courts!! They have made absolutely no reference to ANY of the correspondance I have sent them! What next?
  3. Still nothing recieved regarding the CCA's , however I had a message on the answer machine a couple of days ago from A guy at Eversheds (he sounded about 12!!) informing me that "the matter had become very grave indeed , and I should contact him immediately"......then today I recieved a letter regarding one of the 5 accounts in dispute offering a 20% discount if I paid within 7 days. should I just carry on playing the waiting game?
  4. Brilliant letter 42man!.....thanks for that The 12+2 days has now expired ....should I send that letter now or wait until the 30 days are up?
  5. Recieved 2 letters from Eversheds this morning regarding 2 of the accounts they are chasing , both letters are identical and state that as I have not payed the balance of the account they have been instructed to commence further proceedings by their client Max Recovery. Neither letter makes any reference to the fact that I have requested CCA's , or that they intend to supply them , they appear to have simply ignored that fact! What should I do next?........nothing and asssume/hope they are calling my bluff , or contact them? Thanks in advance Simon
  6. Thanks for that guy's....I'll keep you posted
  7. Recieved 3 replys to the 5 CCA's sent on the 7th Feb. One states that we " have acknowledged the debt as it was the subject of a failed IVA, but that they have contacted the original creditor for the CCA which can take upto 8 weeks to arrive"....They also inform me that it is imperetive that I phone them to discuss the matter in more detail.........I don't think so!! Two other identical letters mereley state that we have not completed the Financial questionnaire as requested and that they are contacting their clients (Max Recovery) for further instructions , which will most likely in
  8. Okay 5 CCA requests sent recorded delivery today.......I'll keep you posted
  9. Thanks for that Spamheed , I'll send them all seperately by recorded delivery.........do I head the letters "Account in dispute" or words to that affect?
  10. Thanks for that.....I'm going to send the CCA requests off today , as there is 5 different accounts all being handled by Eversheds , I assume I have to send them £5 ?
  11. Hi This site helped me enormously around 18 months ago in reclaiming over £1000 in charges from Barclays. However I have another problem , my wife and I entered into an IVA in September 2005 , all was going well until I had an accident at work in June 2006 , since then I have been unable to work and the IVA subsequently failed in September 2007 , I had no correspondence from anyone other than the IP (copy of a letter to my creditors informing them that the IVA had failed) until last week when we recieved 5 letters from Eversheds adressed to either myself or my wife for various amounts r
  12. Recieved a letter from Barclays today apologising for the fact that I am unhappy with the charges levied on my account , but that they would not be offering to reimburse my charges......is this normal?...............if so what's my next move? this was in reply to my LBA
  13. Statements arrived this morning!........just finished my calculations and Barclays owe me £2405 , initial request for repayment going in the post today!
  14. well the 40 days are up and still no statements.......DPA non-compliance letter going in the post tomorrow.
  15. 34 days and no statements yet......what do I do if I haven't recieved them when the 40 days are up?
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