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  1. Hi @biggeorge I've done this [at some length] They just keep bouncing back to me the Parcelforce responses. His GPS places him in the area, the parcel was signed for, a neighbour took it [the last two are economical with the truth, obvs]. The Company are now suggesting I contact PF direct myself, but as I understand it, my contract is with the Beauty Company and therefore, I shouldn't have to deal with PF, that's their job, no? Yes, I did pay using my credit card. That's my last option. I'm hoping the Beauty Company will pursue PF for their losses, and send me a replacement parcel or r
  2. Sorry, @Surfer01, I probably wasn't explicit enough when I wrote this: The parcel was not on my doorstep when I returned. No idea where it is or who's got it. Will amend original post
  3. Hello Ten days ago, Parcelforce delivered a parcel for me to my next-door neighbour's doorstep. No card through my door, nothing. She came home from work, saw it there and moved it to my doorstep, thinking it was a mistake on his part. Two days later on my return home from working in Salford, wondering where my £110 parcel had got to, I contacted the Beauty firm who had sent it to me. This is a proper company, not an Ebay person. They emailed me a scan of the signed-for document. It's signed by a "P Thopso0n" and a squiggly circle signature. Having googled, I can see that
  4. Hi Richard What does it say in your T&Cs in your contract with Supercover? It may be that some of tge points you mention are covered there; maybe some are ambiguous and open to interpretation. Find the clauses that relate to the points you've made and post them [not the whole document!] here. Helen
  5. Hi there I didn't choose them; my insurance company did :-| £25 seems like a lot of money for what must be at the very outside 15 minutes work... Just thinking about all the TV investigations that went on around how much in work hours bank admin charges cost and it came out at about £2.50! The mark-up seems a trifle excessive to me, that's all... Thanks for your reply!
  6. Hello I was clocked speeding at 82 mph on a dual carriageway limit of 70mph recently. I was in a hire car at the time and the hire car company, (Enterprise Car Company) have charged my credit card with a £25 'admin' fee. Is this admin fee challengeable, (as in, the banks are having to prove manual intervention and how long it took, so would the hire car company have to do the same?) All I have received is a standard letter, so I fail to see how much 'admin' they've done. All thoughts gratefully received. Many thanks 221b
  7. You're being thanked for making the effort to try and help me. I appreciate it! Take the thanks; they're yours! Best 221b
  8. I was quite careful with the last one, until I slipped on some wet leaves Thanks for your help again, Raymond... 221b
  9. Hello Thought I'd report back on Supercover! After emailing every address I could find at Supercover to tell them I was reporting them to OFT, Consumer Direct & Otelo, if they didn't reply by noon that day, surprisingly enough, 20 mins later I received a call from their complaints officer! I now have in my hot little hand, a shiny new 3G S iPhone, plus return of my £25 excess paid at the time of claim, plus £25 extra. Hurrah! Many thanks to Raymond and dx100uk for your advice... 221b
  10. I bought a new iPhone last year. I insured it with Supercover Insurance within a week of buying it. It was replaced under warranty by o2 after only a few weeks as it was faulty. I got an identical replacement for my iPhone. I informed Supercover of the updated situation. Since then, I fell over early this year and managed to drop my phone into a puddle! The phone stopped working (iPhones don't like water!), so I claimed with Supercover as they cover both liquid and accidental damage. They wrote back after having the phone a few days, saying that as the phone
  11. Hello Recently (March) a numpty gas contractor upgrading local gas pipework, cut through my and my neighbours' LX cables. As a result we were without either power for 18 hours - 0930 til 0430 the following day. It was not safe to re-connect the gas with a live LX cable waving about. I am self-employed and work from home. I couldn't use my phone nor computer, both of which are absolutely necessary for my job. Also, I had to chuck out all the food in my large fridge-freezer which mounts to a tidy sum with organic meat and shellfish and other expensive goodies inside. T
  12. I ordered a VERY expensive Vi-Spring mattress from Furniture Village about two weeks ago - it's priced at £2,500. I was actually just in the shop trying mattresses and checking out the prices - I fully intended at some stage to buy this specific Vi-Spring mattress but wanted to shop around for the best price. The sales assistant told me that if my concern about price was holding me back from making my purchase then I didn't have to worry as Furniture Village have a Price Match Promise (PMP) which, should I find the mattress cheaper elsewhere within a given time frame, then I would be
  13. I've been through Voda's complaints procedure already - last year in fact - that's how I got to Otelo (the mobile ombudsman). Voda say they have exhausted the complaints procedure which is why they've handed over to a debt recovery agency. I get a bill from Voda from time to time - all the charges are for the phone calls the thief made plus the termination fee of £500 whacked on top. HTH. Thanks 221b
  14. I didn't unfortunately... I was a little dazed and in shock from the theft/recent op and aware I was about to miss my train connecting me to my onward journey home. At that point I thought perhaps I had dropped my things and hadn't really considered I'd been pickpocketed In hindsight I'd have got a copy of the form had I been thinking straight. Voda don't really care whether I reported it or not. They just want me to pay up...
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