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  1. Hi this is my first ever post on this site,please be gentle My sister had a LARGE refund on mis-sold PPI due to this site so I thought I'd give it a go. In August 2006 I was made redundant with a £12000 pay off from work, while living it up, the Halifax kept contacting me about the money in my account and offering appointments and advice, so my wife and I went to see them and during our advice meeting we got round to the talk of loans, we spoke of home improvements etc.etc and somehow we managed to walk out of the branch with a freshly signed loan for £28000 for home improvements. It wasn't a 'straight' loan, i believe £15000 was added as a 15 year mortgage and £13000 was a loan. What my question is should the Halifax have checked that I was actually in employment ie. Pay slips,contacting my employer etc.etc.?? Any advice would help me greatly Ps I am in the process of writing for the original agreement,should be with me next week Kind regards Jamie
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