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  1. Oh ok, How do I find out if they have? Do I need to contact Barclays for that? No i haven't done anything with it other than try and ignore it while I had no money if I am honest! thank you
  2. Hi I have an outstanding debt with a collection agency, originally for a Barclayloan, I got in a mess last year, but I am now trying to clear all debt and clean up my credit report. The amount due is £5000, I was in a position where I could pay some money off, so I offered £2500 to settle the account. They agreed that they would accept £2500 to settle. When I recieved a letter to pay it with, it said £2500 was partial settlement. I emailed and said I had asked to settle it, so where did the partial bit come from, they replied and said they didn't actually say it would be FULL and F
  3. thanks....will try phoning again....fet a bit defeated on the last call, but will try again now i feel a bit more positive! oh yeah, and they stopped me withjdrawng cash too, not that i ever did! stacey
  4. Hi I tried ringing again today but was told they couldn't and that they reduced it because they are 'responsible lenders'. They have passed it to the complaints department but it could take up to 21 days, i said thats not good enough but they just told me thats worst case scenario and it shouldnt take that long but they have to inform me. Am stuck now and very frustrated! As far as i am aware they have to give notice before they reduce and not after? Thanks Stacey
  5. Hi Not sure if anyone can help or if i am in the right place.... Was my fault to start with, but I paid £1000 on to my Barclaycard by mistake, meant to pay it in to my joint account for Christmas shopping, but thought it would be ok, because i was just about within my limit so thought I'd have £1000 clear to spend. I phoned up to check the balance and the automated thing said i had £400 to spend, i held to speak to an advisor and was told that my credit limit had been reduced to £1400, (it was £2000). The payment went in on 3rd Dec and they reduced it on 6th Dec. They said a
  6. Hello!!! ...can i post my reply from my CCA here for you to have a look at or do i need to put it somewhere else? All a bit too technical for me, have managed to scan it tho, woo hoo! Sticky x x
  7. Ok thanks, just seems really pants that they can just go in to my bank account and take money out of it!!! Can understand that its not their responsibility to ensure I have enough money in the account for bills to go out, but on the other hand there was until they just took it!!! Oh well............
  8. Hi I am new to all this so not sure where to ask the question! I have started to get my charges back today, read through the faqs and stuff and got the first letter ready to go. I have 2 accounts with Barclays one for personal use one for bills etc, i had a letter from them today saying seeing as i am overdrawn in the 'personal' account they have transferred money from my 'bills' account so that i do not incur any further charges, all well and good, but this has now stopped direct debits going out of the bills account due to insufficient funds! Are they allowed to do this?? If not, what ca
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