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  1. Our new take home pay would be roughly £30, 000 a year. I would be working 20 hours a week and the childcare costs would be around £260 a month. Going by online calculators we should get around £100 a week to help with child care cost. I dont know how they can base it on last years money as we were not claiming anything and that has now changed as i was made redundant in April.
  2. Can anybody help me or am I really screwed? Me and my partner have 3 kids, one who has childcare costs. We both worked full time and were not entitled to any benefits except child benefit. According to the calculations we were entitled to about £10 a week but i never claimed it as I know what the tax credits were like as I claimed a few years ago and had to pay a lot back - dont know how as I gave them all the figues. Anyway, last year DP did a lot of overtime, we were moving house so needed the money to pay for everything (removals/carpets etc). Our combined totals for last year was £50,000. But in April this year I was made redundant. We have no other income except for my partners basic salary, hasnt done anymore overtime since November last year as it was all stopped. I claimed for tax credits on partners salary but wrote a letter saying what had happened, i was redundant and our take home pay was now halved. I got a letter today to say that my award was £0. Is there anything i can do? We have not claimed anything for years and worked hard to support our family. Now we need help we cant access any because of what we earnt last year. I am due to start a job in 3 weeks but its part time and i will need my daughter to be in childcare 4 days a week, should I leave it till then or phone them now? I could cry, I worked there for 12 years full time, paid all my stamp and NI and now I cant get any help.
  3. I just had a letter of them and Littlewoods telling me that they had sold the debt to Cabot. i am pretty sure I signed the application form for the credit card, so I dont think not signing the paperwork will work this time. They have offered me Full and Final when I have spoke to them on the phone but I was never in a position to take them up on it. I am just really [edit] that they have whacked on £1000 of interest. It does mention that they will do this in their letters if a payment is missed, but when can they enforce the interest from 2007 or when I defaulted?
  4. It was a littlewoods credit card that Cabot bought. I was notified by both Littlewoods and Cabot that it had been sold on. Should I ask for a breakdown of all interest payments and payments made to date?
  5. Cabot purchased a credit card debt of mine in 2007. I have been making regular payments to them at a sum that I could afford and have resisted any strong arm tactics to increase the payment. Last year I defaulted on a payment and Cabot have now added the interest. I should have about £300 left to pay but as they have done this I now owe nearly £1300. Is there anything I can do or am i screwed. I know I defaulted but that one small payment has cost me an extra £1000. Have they added interest from 2007 o the balance from 2012, can they add interest on what the debt was instead of what the debt is now?? Any help and advice would be gratefully received. I guess if I have to pay it then I have to pay it.
  6. Make sure you write them a letter saying you tried to make a payment and it was refused by them. Just in case it ever did go to court it is not going to look good to a judge that they wouldnt accept your payment and then insisted on the payment in full.
  7. We havent paid the charges yet, only the HP. They want to the £800 for charges in full. I am not sure what to do next as they are going to go for a CCJ and an attachment of earnings. (will fight both of these).
  8. I have no idea why they wouldnt take my payments, I thought it was very very odd. But we went to the bank to pay them and we made the last HP payment yesterday so our HP is now clear, only crappy charges to pay. I know they cannot repo the car without a court order, I honestly dont think a judge would allow it as the HP is now clear only charges to go! The best they can go for is a CCJ for the charges. We are going to pay £50 a month at the bank and wait for the court order to arrive, it is not going to look good to a judge that they refused payments and then wouldnt even listen to payment plan, would only accept full payment. They also claimed that my OH rang up and offered to pay in full which is news to us! In my letter to the CE I have asked for a copy of the recording to prove this. It wont appear because we never did this! I have also asked the CE of a full break down of all the charges and I want to know how much the manual intervention of sending each letter cost and that they reduced the late payment charges to £10 from £20 due to the OFT guideline, I want the bill reducing by £100 as obviously the £20 was unlawful! They were the worst company ever, telling lies. Good job I know my rights!
  9. Right I need some help please. My OH had 3 years HP on a car. When he took out the HP he was self employed. Then his contract ended, he took up agency work which was very sporadic. The result was that we were in arrears with the HP. We kept them informed at all times but they were very rude and unhelpful When we could afford it we made up with extra payments and at one point we were paying £100 a month more to catch up. We did catch up this year and we have been running at a month in arrears. We have been charged interest the whole time, default fines, charging us for sending letters etc and the charges are up to £800. The whole time they have threatened to repo the car and lately they keeping saying that they are going for an attachement of earnings. I tried to make a payment last month and the credit controller refused to take my payment, so I paid it at the bank. OH tried to make a payment today and they refused again. Now this payment is the final payment, once this has been paid the HP is paid off IN FULL and ON TIME. Only the charges are left to pay. They have told us that unless the charges are paid they are going keep the car on the HP register. No biggie, we cant afford to buy a new one anyway. Now, they are threatening an attachment order again for the charges and have again said they are going to repo the car. My question is, can they do this. The HP is paid off in full as of tomorrow, so it is only their rip off charges to pay. They wouldnt accept a payment offer (we never told them an amount, they insisted on payment in full ) If they do take it court we are only going to offer a sum we can afford, about £50, and contest the attachement order and any repo order. I have written to the CE and the finance director telling them we are going to pay £50 and defend any court action. By not accepting a payment they were keeping our account in arrears and charging us for this. They just couldnt stop us going to the bank and paying it there. They have been a nightmare from start to finish and have threatned us with repo from the first default. How does the court stand on charges? I dont think they can repo the car as the HP is paid off.
  10. Let them close your account. The best was of looking at it is that Next have very kindly saved you from having a potential debt of £800. As soon as my cards are paid off I will close the accounts so i dont run up any more debt.
  11. Dont worry about shouting back at her. When dealing with DCA's I follow the simple rule, 'I will treat them how they treat me', if they are polite and honest and helpful, I will be too, if they shout and lie then I will too. They dont seem to like it when you can spout the law to them and be uncoperative with them.
  12. My OH has a debt that is statute barred as the debt it about 12 years old. We have had Thames Credit, Buchanan Clark and Wells, Geofrey Parker solicitors and ScotCall all chasing the same debt. A doorstep ref for BCW actually turned up at my doorstep. I gave him the statute barred letter, bid him goodnight and slammed the door. That was about 3 months ago and it has all gone quiet. No doubt it will all start up again soon. But if they think I will cave in and pay it, they are deluded!!!!!! They started chasing in 2004 and my OH kept the letters hidden from me and I found out in 2005. Have to admit we did hide our heads in the sand and ignore it till I started to read up about debt in early 2006. Was so glad to read it was statute barred!!!!!
  13. No offence Allwood, but can you name me one debt collection company that actually DOES follow the letter of the law. I have dealt with a few and they all lie and tell half truths. A little thing called Statute Barred is not going to stop them.
  14. LOL, yes trespassing is a very nice word! But it has to be said that the man who came to my house was actually very very nice and polite and wasnt "heavy handed" at all. When I gave him the statute barred letter he read it and actually said Thank you! He also said that he would make sure it went to head office and bid me good night! I didnt once feel intimidated or worried (mind you I know my rights upside down and inside out so no way was he going to get one over on me!)
  15. My OH has a debt from about 1996 which is statue barred. Over the past 3 years we have had 5 different debt collectors trying to claim on the debt. The last ones are Buchanan Clark and Wells. We sent them a statue barred letter a few months ago (not by recorded deliver) and we got the same letter back about the field rep coming to visit. Last month A FIELD REP DID TURN UP TWICE. The first time my OH was not in and he left a card for him (I didnt know it was a BC&W rep at first) and the second time he called about 6 weeks ago. I gave him another copy of the statue barred letter and slammed the door in his face. That was about 6 weeks ago and we havent heard anything from them since. So be aware, they might send somebody out to you as they did to us.
  16. I have a Littlewoods debt which has gone to a debt collector. They too wanted a sum I couldnt afford to pay. So I stuck to my guns and refused. They wanted something like £100 a month and I battered them down to £20 a month. It gets reviewed every 6 months and they try to higher the amount but I refuse everytime. When they mention the magic "CCJ" word I tell them to go for it as I will prove to a judge that I can only pay £20 so they wont be any better off or get their money any faster and I would stop all payments and would CCA them. Works for me :grin:
  17. We are going through this sort of thing. My hubby got made redundant and we tried to keep on top of the payments. We are about a month behind and are paying £100 a month extra to catch up. We have about 8 payments left so we definately owe over a third! They are threatening us with courts as well and I have told them to go for it. You can move the court to your local one and attend. You can argue it to the judge that you are paying/have paid your arrears off and have been paying on time since, you need to keep the car as you have children and you could lose your job without a car. It is not guaranteed they will get the car back (which is what they are aiming for) and a judge is just a likely to say you can keep the car as you are paying more to catch up with the arrears. So far our "charges" have come to over £800 and when I finish with the HP I want a full break down off the list of charges. And I will challenge them in court if I have to.
  18. KeefG is correct. Under the 6 year rule the debt is uneforceable and cannot be reclaimed via the courts. The stat demand they sent you is one they downloaded from the net, it is meaningless as stat demands have to be served by hand on you. Many debt collection companys have cottoned on to the fact that just by downloading this form they can scare people into paying. Send them the letter that says the debt is statue barred and cannot be enforced via the courts. Dont worry, they are just chancing their arm that you will pay up.
  19. I took Monument to court. They finally paid up 6 days before we were due in court. They were a right pain and never answered one of my letters.
  20. From what i can gather Buchanan Clark and Wells have bought a load of old debts and are trying strong arm tactics. They are saying anything to make you think the debt is still active.
  21. I did. They didnt pay the full amount I wanted but it was close enough. I was happy with it and it saved all the hassle of court.
  22. Pleased to hear it Red, even the big boys know when they are beat sometimes
  23. Keep paying them Red, dont stop the payments. If the DCA's do get involved you might have to pay them instead but this is not always the case. DCA's can sometimes be more reasonable and are more likely to accept your £30, but of course this is not guaranteed. Let me know if you need any more advice.
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